Why Did Source Let This Happen?

Hi there,

I’m “back” with a new, fairly short podcast to address a couple of the questions that I get the most. The number one question is, “Why did Source/God/Creator allow things to get so bad on this planet?”

The answer, well my answer is fairly simple, but does take some explanation.

This podcast was recorded on June 28th, 2016, and is just under 44 minutes long.

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May 2015 Podcast

Today’s podcast was recorded on May 22 with Michelle Walling from In5d.  The audio quality is mostly good, and we covered some topics that I feel are very important for us to keep in mind as we work to build a more enlightened society.

You can listen via your browser here:

or download an MP3 here (Right-click and choose save):

Also, you can download a transcript of this show in a Word .doc format here:

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Cameron Day

December 2014 Podcast

I have a very nice podcast for you that I did with Michael Stevens from Bending Reality TV.  We recorded the interview way back on September 3rd, 2014, but shortly after the talk Michael got caught up in another project.  Such is life.

However, the audio post-production is now complete and the nearly 2 hour interview is up on his channel, which you can view right here:  https://youtube.com/watch?v=y-2_CRsjoww

In this talk we discuss astral parasites, the false light, how people can protect themselves from manipulative influences, healing ourselves, cleaning up the astral and much, much more.

I hope you enjoy this interview, and if you did, please leave a comment on the blog.

As always, I thank you greatly for your support.

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Cameron Day


New Podcast, Sept 2014

Hi there,

It has been a long time since I’ve posted on the blog. Too long, really. I have been busier than ever lately, and have not had much time to write articles. However, I have some good content for you today in the form of a podacst.

This is a radio interview that I did on September 18th with Michelle Walling and Larry Locken on In5d radio. We covered a lot of material in two hours, and I am very pleased with the final product. Michelle and Larry were very gracious hosts that asked excellent questions and allowed me plenty of time to respond.

You can listen to the show in two ways. First, via your browser here:

Or via an MP3 which you can download here (right-click & save):

The mp3 has had the first 15 minutes removed and starts with Michelle welcoming me to the show.

Update 10/28/14:  Many Thanks go out to Abu Zayd who graciously transcribed this podcast in the form of a MS Word .doc file:
Abu is available for transcription work and his contact info is in the Word document.

Thank you as always for your interest and support.

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Cameron Day

Seeing Through the New (c)Age Psy-Op: New Podcast

Today’s podcast is an interview that I did recently with Sienna Lea from her “Illuminating The Shadowland” internet radio show.  Sienna was a gracious, engaging host, and the show was very informative.

The first half of our 2 hour interview aired on Friday, November 8th — Download here:

The second half aired on Friday, November 15th and you can download it here:

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More podcasts coming soon, along with a big article once it is finally ready.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


Two New Podcasts / Interviews

Hi there,

Today I have not one, but TWO podcasts for you.  The first one is probably the best interview that I have had to date, and the interviewer was someone many of you have already heard of:  George Kavassilas.

George contacted me after reading “Why I am No Longer a Lightworker” but I must admit that I had some reservations at first.  I had not kept up with his work since seeing one of his older presentations a few years ago that contained some things I didn’t agree with.  However, I listened to my Inner Self that encouraged me to see where he is at now, and after a brief energetic check-in, I liked what I felt so we set up a phone call.

I am glad I listened because as it turns out, we are seeing a lot of things very similarly at this point in our respective journeys.  We don’t agree on everything, but that isn’t really necessary.  We both care more about Truth than anything else, and that is what matters most.

This interview is 2.5 hours long, and for all of you who were asking for an interview with someone who could go with me into deep exploration of a variety of topics, this is the podcast for you!

You can listen to the show through your browser here: superwooradio.com.au/podcasts

There is a button there to buy a download for any amount you choose.  If you want to, go ahead and send George a couple bucks to get an MP3 – he deserves it.  :-)
The second podcast is a show that I did with a fellow who goes by the name of Dr. Gno.  He is a “Pagan Gnostic” with a deep understanding of how the false-light works.  The show was 2 hours and was a “panel” format in the second half where we focused more on 3d issues.  If you only want to hear me on a podcast and not so much other people, you would probably prefer the podcast above with George K.

This was still a very good show overall – it doesn’t have to be all about me, right?  :-)  You can download it here (right click and choose save):


Thank you for your participation in becoming entirely YOU and throwing off the illusions and false-identities of the control-system.  This is a huge group-effort, and every single one of you is important to our success.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


Breaking Out of the New (c)Age Enslavement

On Friday, September 20th, I was interviewed on the Vinny Eastwood show about identifying and breaking out of the New (c)Age false-light vs. dark duality.

It was a good show overall and we touched on some important topics.  I am not accustomed to communicating in a segmented format like this, and there were several lines of thought that I was not able to complete.  I know that some of you may feel a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to “flow” like I can in a solo podcast, but I hope that you will enjoy the show in spite of that.

Here are some links

Youtube of the whole show without commercials: (90 minutes)

MP3 of the whole show:  (2 hours, commercials included) 20_sep_cameron_day_vinny_eastwood_show_2013.mp3

MP3 of hour 1:

MP3 of hour 2:

More articles and solo podcasts are coming as I have time to produce them.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


Podcast: Seeing Through the Matrix

Hi there,

Today’s blog post is a podcast that I promised you a while back, and today was the day for me to finally record it. I covered a lot of topics including:

Healthy expression of anger

Thoughts influencing reality

Seeing through the matrix

Balancing intellect with intuition

Hidden human history

Ankle-biters and the NWO

Channeled messages as ankle-biter disinfo

The “ET saviorship meme”

Entheogens (aka hallucinogens)

Humanity’s ascended future

Total run time is 1 hour, 42 minutes. Please right-click and choose “save”


Much Love,
Cameron Day



Latest Radio Show / Podcast

Today’s post is a quick one to point you to a radio show that I did last week with Robert Stanley on his Unicus Radio Hour.  We discussed the “Birth Bump” as well as the timeline of the “Infection of Darkness” that has occurred on Earth.  It was a good, hour long show, and I dropped some nuggets of information that I haven’t revealed anywhere before.  I hope you enjoy it!  :-)

Please right-click and choose to “save” the mp3 file:


Also, here is a youtube version for those who want to embed it on other sites:

Much Love,
Cameron Day



April 2013 False-Flags and Lightwork

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well and have been weathering the “negative energy storm” that we have been inundated with since April 15th.  Things are getting very intense in multiple levels of reality. The battle for planet earth is heating up, and lightworkers all over the planet are being attacked by 4th density negative beings, so I hope you are doing well and rebuffing those energies.

This period of increased pressure from the dark side will probably last until May 1 or so, as it seems to do every year while the “elite” (yea right) in 3d do their dark rituals to feed low-vibration energy to their masters in 4th density.  Here is a website that lists many of the negative, orchestrated events that have occurred during this period in the past:

adventofdeception.com/gulf-fire-times-square-occult-importance/ (I haven’t vetted this website, only skimmed the article for relevance.  Use your own discernment.)

This short post will serve as a companion piece to a Youtube video that I recorded on Sunday, April 21 about the recent staged “terror” attack in Boston, as well as the apparent missile strike on the fertilizer planet near Waco, Texas.

I currently see Boston being spun by so-called “alternative” media sources to be a game of “chase the patsy” so that people will be distracted with arguing over which patsy is “guilty” of the bombing that was quite apparently staged for psychological effect on the US population.

While Boston was probably done to achieve multiple objectives, as all false-flags seem to be, one of the things that it did was totally drown out any coverage of the Texas fertilizer plant apparent missile hit. Remember, these people are masters of illusion and distraction. While everyone is looking at Boston, a strike happens in Texas.

I cover the TX plant strike in my video, but here is another short video with some new footage that I didn’t have at the time of recording that shows more evidence of an extremely fast, super-sonic missile hitting the TX fertilizer plant: youtube.com/watch?v=GDo7yGHAMrY

We don’t really have the luxury of knowing hard facts in situations like this, so we have to rely on evidence and our gut/heart feelings.  It is also very important to not get caught up in anyone’s external narrative, because everyone has their own agenda, and some of those agendas are not in your best interests.

My agenda is to free your mind and help you know as much as possible what is really going on behind the narratives and agendas out there.  In doing so, I hope to help you be a more effective lightworker and light “holder” to your friends and family who don’t want to acknowledge that evil exists in this world, or that there are so many evil “humans” in positions of political and economic power.

I feel strongly that we must know what they are doing in order to effectively counter them and take back any power we may have unconsciously abdicated to them. So on that note, here is my first and hopefully last conspiracy video: youtu.be/jbO0230YSVA

Also, here is a blog post I did in 2011 about “Engineered Terrorism” that offers deeper insights into these types of events: ascensionhelp.com/blog/?p=83

Much Love,

Cameron Day



Equinox Clearing & Humanity’s Future

Happy Equinox!

Today’s blog post is actually a podcast.  I recorded a 36 minute podcast today to talk about the Equinox, energy clearing done today, the future of humanity, density shifts, etc.  Please “right-click” and choose the “save” option that appears:


Also, here are some blog posts that go into more detail about some of the topics that I talked about today:




As always, the foundation of what I’m talking about is in the Self-Clearing System:

Much Love,
Cameron Day



Cameron Day on Internet Radio “Fireside Chat”

It’s been a while since I did an internet radio show, and last Saturday’s appearance on “A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic” was a real pleasure. In 55 minutes we covered a lot of topics, and the entire show flew by in what felt like 15 minutes. I think you will enjoy it.

First, here is a link to download an MP3:

Be sure to “right-click” on the link, and choose “save” to put it on your computer. (command-click on a Mac). If you just left click on the link, it will open in your browser instead:


BUT, if you do want to listen to it through your browser, I put together a youtube version using some artwork and a few old “fractal zooms” that I had on my hard drive. I haven’t played with my video editing software in a long time, so putting this together was pretty fun.


Thank you for your interest and support.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

June Update, Radio Show, Free Energy and more

The etheric temperature on the planet is rising.  Solar flare activity ramped up hugely this week, and nearly everyone is “feeling the heat” either in the weather or in their own internal sphere of consciousness. Do your best to stay calm, cool and connected, as you may find a lot of people and situations pushing your buttons.  Above all, keep that lower ego in check and remember to view situations and the ego flare-ups of yourself or others from the perspective of your Higher Self as much as possible.

The “grid” situation on the planet was pretty quiet for a couple of weeks, and  a lot of people felt like things were “on hold” but that all went away around July 3rd, then afew days the solar flares kicked up about 10 notches.  A lot of grid work was going on in June to help clear up the “social grid” that is generated by day to day interpersonal relationships. Much clarity has been introduced, so the couple of weeks of minimal activity was to let people adjust to the new frequency levels, and to allow lightworkers to get a little rest.

Now we’re back at full speed, so expect to be confronted with whatever you need to clear, forgive, transmute and transcend.

The ankle-biters are working overtime to generate negative emotional energy so that they will have enough etheric power to rebuild their crumbling empire.  They don’t want to accept that their reign is coming to an end, but that is to be expected.  One of the interesting things about etheric and astral ankle biters is that they can actually live within a person’s sub-conscious and unconscious levels of mind. It might sound weird, but I have encountered it repeatedly in my work.

Essentially, when we have unresolved issues or limiting patterns that we repeat often, we create a little dimension within our sphere of consciousness to house this pattern and all of the energies associated with it. Our various emotional energies are stored in this dimension along with self-created thoughtforms, projected energy from other people and various other elements of the repeated pattern.  These little dimensions also have plenty of room for a few ankle-biters to reside in as well.  It is important to be aware of this so that when we are doing clearing work, we can compassionately send these ankle biters to the Galactic Core to be transmuted into productive Universal citizens, instead of living as parasites in the deep shadows of the human psyche.

The tricky thing is that right now, the sub-conscious minds of people are the best hiding places for the ankle biters. This means we need to be extra careful about what kind of emotional energy we are empowering, so that we don’t inadvertently put out a “room for rent” sign for them.  Fortunately, the basic principles of energetic clearing, living from the heart, and embodying compassion and forgiveness goes a long way towards “sealing” our consciousness and not allowing any uninvited guests to come in.

Radio Show On June 29th

I did a really nice radio show two weeks ago (although it feels like 5 days ago…) on “In the Mind of DCS.”  She is a great interviewer and the whole show was a pleasure to do.  You can download an MP3 of it from the radio show archive here: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/ascension-help-radio.php

Just scroll to the bottom of the page for the download link.  One of my clients called it “A complete summary of what’s going on right now.”  Very flattering, but it’s more of a partial summary, as no single human has the complete picture.  (It’s a very large picture, to be sure…)  I even talk briefly about Cobra, for those of you who are curious.  :-)

Free Energy Finally?

The “Keshe” foundation has announced that they are going to bring free energy into the mainstream.  Could we FINALLY be at the place where free energy will be made available to one and all on planet Earth? Are we about to take this hugely important step in our evolution as a collective?  I hope so!

I haven’t had time to really investigate and vet this man or his organization.  Nonetheless, I like his style!  He is basically “calling out” the governments of the world and putting them on notice.  He says he will reveal full details of his “free” energy inventions to representatives of every nation in September. The idea is to give the information to all nations, and then let them implement it as fast as they are able (or willing) to do.  Big oil is surely not happy with this man, so let’s all hold him in our focus and intend that he is safe and more successful than anyone can imagine.

Please click this link to read his “World peace invitation and release of technology” announcement. Send it to your friends and networks if you are inspired to, and if you have the time, please check out the videos and information on the rest of the site.

My opinion / position on free energy is that it is a mandatory component of human awakening. To have a planet of awakened humans still using petroleum fuels is like an innocent person being released from prison but required to wear a ball and chain around their ankle.  It just does not fit.

Imagine every person having inexpensive technology that provides them with all the electricity they need at zero production cost.  Imagine EVERY single person on earth being equipped to fly to any place on the planet in a matter of minutes.  Imagine the kind of spiritual awakenings that will occur WHEN such technology is finally released and widely available. This is the ultimate “disruptive technology” which is why it has been suppressed for over 100 years since the era of Nikola Tesla.

I am personally very attached to the release of free energy, because along with the afore mentioned spiritual awakenings that it will trigger, 90% of the things that I want to invent depend on a small, infinite energy source to power them. Some quick examples: A laser lawn mower, laser “chain” saw with anti-gravity stability rings to gently lower the fallen tree, a remote-controlled “hot box” that goes inside of a wood stove and produces infinite heat with zero pollution. Then there is the floating bubble home, but that’s worthy of an article of its own some day. :-)

From every grounded perspective, the future is bright and teeming with amazing possibilities. As always, it is up to us to “steer the timeline” so that we manifest the best possible future for ourselves and the whole of humanity.  Our collective “good will” is getting stronger all the time, which makes us more effective at “timeline steering” the more we practice.  So keep on imagining the most wonderful potentials unfolding in your meditations.  Every thought makes an impact.

Much Love,
Cameron Day