Our Upcoming Opportunity to Choose Heaven on Earth: June 21, 2013

If you have been on my mailing list for a while, this message will look very familiar, but please read on and participate if you can.  :-)

Our next big “window of opportunity” to empower a positive reality for humanity is the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2013.

December 21, 2012 was just the beginning of the process of transforming this world and restoring the light of freedom to Earth, NOT the end.

If you have felt discouraged that “nothing happened” on 12/21, please understand that the millions of people focusing on a better world on that day created significant shifts in 4th density that have been effecting 3rd density in numerous ways.  Old power structures are crumbling rapidly, and more people than ever before are “waking up” to the world that has been pulled over their eyes as a result of these energetic shifts.

The power of collective focus on a single objective is more powerful than we can currently comprehend.  In the energetic realms, “many hands make light work” just as in the physical world, and it is up to all spiritual beings, meditators and people who simply want to live in peace to come together and focus on peace, freedom, abundance, evolution and wholeness being restored to humanity in order for this reality to manifest. We could truly pick any day to focus our collective will on freeing the world from its current form of slavery, but more energy is available for us to work with on solstice and equinox dates.

The “negative elite” know about the increased energy available on these dates to empower their focus, but have kept that knowledge largely obscured from the world while performing abominable rituals in secret to empower their dark agenda of keeping humanity ignorant and enslaved.  When we focus our energy on the goals of true freedom for humanity, we change the 4th density environment to match those goals and thwart the dark agenda.

Right now, the 4th density environment of planet Earth is still quite dark in many locations, but there are also areas that have been restored to align with the incredible love, light and freedom of the Infinite Creator. This restoration needs to be done to every “square meter” of Earth’s 4th density environment, because 4th density contains the templates for energetic expression in 3rd density.

There are many areas below ground, especially in cities, which are still heavily burdened with the infection of darkness and its ankle-biter minions.  Nonetheless, the progress we have made in the 4th density clean up over the last two and a half years is tremendous. I hope someone on 4th density is taking before and after pictures.  :-)

This Solstice is Especially Challenging

In addition to the negative energy that the “nefarious-elite” will be pumping out via their dark rituals on June 21, we also have a “super moon” on June 23rd.  The moon is still being used as a broadcast station for negative frequencies, so we need to be extra vigilant during a full moon.

Because of this added challenge, I am asking all who can participate at this time to do so for FOUR consecutive days.  Each day on June 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd, at any time of day or night, please take 30-60 minutes to sit in meditative focus.  Connect to your Higher Self, Earth’s core, and the Galactic core. Once you’re connected, state your intent that you want to serve as a Galactic Conduit to anchor as much transformative Galactic energy as possible into the planet in order to facilitate the clean-up of 4th density, and to help free all of humanity from its bonds of slavery.

Next, state your intent that the “dark forces” be contained in reflective spheres of light so that all of the dark energy they are attempting to broadcast will be reflected instantly back upon them. Let them experience the repercussions of what they have been creating.

Then focus on the most ideal world that you can imagine where humanity utilizes technology for the good of all, free energy powers our lives, humans are connected to the earth, our food is grown consciously and harmoniously with nature, everyone lives in good health, experiences true freedom, has only peaceful interactions, operates from Service to All, and embodies truly Ascended consciousness.

Thank you for being a part of true change and freedom.

Much Love,
Cameron Day



April 2013 False-Flags and Lightwork

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well and have been weathering the “negative energy storm” that we have been inundated with since April 15th.  Things are getting very intense in multiple levels of reality. The battle for planet earth is heating up, and lightworkers all over the planet are being attacked by 4th density negative beings, so I hope you are doing well and rebuffing those energies.

This period of increased pressure from the dark side will probably last until May 1 or so, as it seems to do every year while the “elite” (yea right) in 3d do their dark rituals to feed low-vibration energy to their masters in 4th density.  Here is a website that lists many of the negative, orchestrated events that have occurred during this period in the past:

adventofdeception.com/gulf-fire-times-square-occult-importance/ (I haven’t vetted this website, only skimmed the article for relevance.  Use your own discernment.)

This short post will serve as a companion piece to a Youtube video that I recorded on Sunday, April 21 about the recent staged “terror” attack in Boston, as well as the apparent missile strike on the fertilizer planet near Waco, Texas.

I currently see Boston being spun by so-called “alternative” media sources to be a game of “chase the patsy” so that people will be distracted with arguing over which patsy is “guilty” of the bombing that was quite apparently staged for psychological effect on the US population.

While Boston was probably done to achieve multiple objectives, as all false-flags seem to be, one of the things that it did was totally drown out any coverage of the Texas fertilizer plant apparent missile hit. Remember, these people are masters of illusion and distraction. While everyone is looking at Boston, a strike happens in Texas.

I cover the TX plant strike in my video, but here is another short video with some new footage that I didn’t have at the time of recording that shows more evidence of an extremely fast, super-sonic missile hitting the TX fertilizer plant: youtube.com/watch?v=GDo7yGHAMrY

We don’t really have the luxury of knowing hard facts in situations like this, so we have to rely on evidence and our gut/heart feelings.  It is also very important to not get caught up in anyone’s external narrative, because everyone has their own agenda, and some of those agendas are not in your best interests.

My agenda is to free your mind and help you know as much as possible what is really going on behind the narratives and agendas out there.  In doing so, I hope to help you be a more effective lightworker and light “holder” to your friends and family who don’t want to acknowledge that evil exists in this world, or that there are so many evil “humans” in positions of political and economic power.

I feel strongly that we must know what they are doing in order to effectively counter them and take back any power we may have unconsciously abdicated to them. So on that note, here is my first and hopefully last conspiracy video: youtu.be/jbO0230YSVA

Also, here is a blog post I did in 2011 about “Engineered Terrorism” that offers deeper insights into these types of events: ascensionhelp.com/blog/?p=83

Much Love,

Cameron Day



Attention All Meditators Who Envision a Better World: 3/20/13

Our next big “window of opportunity” to empower a positive future for humanity is the Spring Equinox, March 20th, 2013.  December 21, 2012 was just the beginning of the process of transforming this world and restoring the light of freedom to Earth. If you have felt discouraged that “nothing happened” on 12/21, please understand that the millions of people focusing on a better world on that day created significant shifts in 4th density that have been effecting 3rd density in significant ways.  Old power structures have been crumbling faster than ever, and more people are “waking up” to the world that has been pulled over their eyes than ever before as a result of these shifts.

The power of collective focus on a single objective is more powerful than we can currently comprehend.  In the energetic realms, “many hands make light work” just as in the physical world, and it is up to all lightworkers, meditators and people who simply want to live in peace to come together and focus on peace, freedom, abundance, evolution and wholeness being restored to humanity in order for this reality to manifest. We could truly pick any day to focus our collective will on freeing the world from its current form of slavery, but more energy is available for us to work with on equinox and solstice dates.

The “negative elite” know about the increased energy available on these dates to empower their focus, but have kept that knowledge largely obscured from the world while performing abominable rituals in secret to empower their dark agenda of keeping humanity ignorant and enslaved.  When we focus our energy on the goals of true freedom for humanity, we change the 4th density environment to suit those goals and thwart the dark agenda.

Right now, the 4th density environment of planet Earth is still pretty messy in many areas, but there are some areas that have been restored to align with the incredible love, light and freedom of the Infinite Creator. This restoration needs to be done to every “square meter” of Earth’s 4th density environment, because 4th density contains the templates for energetic expression in 3rd density.

There are many areas below ground, especially in cities, which are still heavily burdened with the infection of darkness and its ankle-biter minions.  Nonetheless, the progress we have made in the 4th density clean up over the last two years is staggering. I hope someone on 4th density is taking before and after pictures.  :-)

On March 20th, at any time that works for you, please take 30-60 minutes to sit in meditative focus.  Connect to your Higher Self, Earth’s core, and the Galactic core. Once you’re connected, state your intent that you want to serve as a Galactic Conduit to anchor as much light as possible into the planet in order to facilitate the clean-up of 4th density, and to help free all of humanity from its bonds of slavery.

Then focus on the most ideal world that you can imagine where humanity utilizes technology for the good of all, free energy powers our lives, everyone lives in good health, experiences true freedom, has only peaceful interactions, lives in harmony with nature, etc.

Thank you for being a part of true change and freedom.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


Living The One Law & Experiencing True Freedom

Living The One Law & Experiencing True Freedom

The recent “One Law: Do No Harm” blog post generated great dialogue, idea sharing and some debate about what it means to live in a truly free, civilized society.  Having only One Law is a radical idea, as our current society is extremely uncivilized and imbalanced despite its many laws.  New laws are created almost daily to attempt to patch up and hide the violent rapaciousness that forms the basis for the coercive governmental and societal expression that I call the “Old World Disorder.” However, most of those laws actually serve to propagate disproportionate rewards and immunity from “justice” for the wealthy and powerful, while literally enslaving the poor through the prison-industrial-complex.

As the number of awakening and expanding individuals continues to increase, humanity will need to break free of the shackles of Governmental tyranny.  We will need to redesign society from the ground up in order to ensure that hidden forms of coercion, fascism, tyranny and social stratification no longer undermine the natural human desire for freedom, independence, self-expression, family, community, service to all and benefit to the individual.  A radical shift in values must occur in order to enable a truly new, or perhaps simply long forgotten, type of society modeled on Self-Governance, non-coercion and One Law: Do No Harm.

Technically speaking, many of the laws currently in existence are based on preventing people from harming each other. However, they all too often fail for a number of reasons.  I will briefly focus on some of the reasons for the failure of “rule of law” in our society, then change focus to how a society that follows the One Law might look.

Unequal Enforcement of Laws Results in a Failed Society

One major reason for the disorder in our society is that laws can be safely broken by individuals or corporations with enough money and political influence to buy legal immunity.  If laws can be broken by a select few, or even changed to allow harmful activities to be “lawful,” the entire foundation of a society is undermined. This trend of skirting or changing laws to suit the wealthy has become so pervasive that it is now considered “business as usual” among the “elite” while the “common” folk are left feeling powerless to affect any meaningful change.

The thin veneer of “freedom, liberty and justice for all” in the so-called “first world nations” is beyond wearing thin, it is riddled with gaping holes.  Most people know, at least on some level, that almost all politicians are corrupt, that law-enforcement agencies target the poor and non-white races, and that the legal system does not dispense “justice” to the wealthy. Meanwhile, people all over the globe are watching their standard of living decline and prospects for the future dwindle.  Truly, the old world disorder is falling apart at the seams.

The Old World Disorder is Fed by Violence

The old pattern of conquest and rule by coercive force has left us with a shameful history of genocide, wars of aggression and Empire expansion at all costs, with no regard given to the harm done to individuals or the environment.  This propensity for State-sponsored violence has led to endless wars in other countries, as well as at home in the form of “wars” on drugs and various forms of crime.  The idea that something must be warred upon is so deeply engrained into the minds of Statists and bureaucrats, they can’t imagine any alternative way to solve problems. Of course, their real agenda is to further their own power and wealth, and war is a convenient tool to achieve those ends.

Many people feel the inherent “wrongness” with their society and the type of disconnected, insular lives they are conditioned to lead to “fit in” with those around them, but they can’t imagine a solution due to the powerlessness mentioned earlier.  They sense that they are surrounded by evil wearing the mask of benevolence, yet feel it is safer to remain quiet, lest their peers shun and condemn them for causing trouble. In truth, they fear for their safety, for the violent underpinnings of the State threaten to consume them should they raise their voice to protest the wrongness that they perceive.

A Reengineered Society Based on the Law of One

The One Law: Do No Harm is a natural extension of the Law of One, which states that everything that exists emanates from a singular source.  While we are in this density of experience, seemingly “far away” from the Oneness from which we emerged, illusions of separation are easy to believe.  I am in my individual body, you are in yours, and there are no visible connections between us. Yet every viable spiritual tradition through the history of humanity has reminded us that we are all connected to each other.

The Electric Universe theorists posit that all heavenly bodies are connected via electromagnetic currents, and this theory can be extended to human bodies as well.  When a person reaches a certain state of awareness, they begin to feel and eventually see energetic connections between seemingly separate individuals, and between their self and all of nature.

If every person on the planet were to reach that state of “enlightenment” then there would be no need for laws of any kind, and many spiritual teachers have worked to bring about just such a condition of mass enlightenment. However, given the current state of human development (and suppression), some guidelines need to be established to give people a framework in which to grow into a greater understanding of what it means to be truly free.

The Implications of Truly Upholding the One Law

The level of personal freedom that will result from building open, non-coercive societies based on the One Law can be difficult to imagine from within our current framework.  At the same time, when all people and corporations are held to the One Law, the level of benefit to all life on the planet will be astounding. While individual human expression will be greatly expanded, corporations will find their activities severely limited to adhere to the letter of the One Law.

For example, corporate pollution will simply NOT be allowed, because pollution harms humans and the environment. This will force corporations that rely on generating pollution for profit out of business rapidly, creating some short-term economic problems.  However, once non-polluting alternatives are brought into the market, we will have more economic opportunities available to more people than ever before.

Under the One Law, if a corporation tries to get away with polluting, all employees responsible for the pollution will be held accountable for their crimes of harming people and the environment. The wealth of a corporation will not be allowed to steamroll innocent people into submission, because upholders of the One Law will be socially contracted to take their jobs very seriously.

Individual humans will enjoy the freedom to travel without restrictions, to express their opinions without fear of becoming political prisoners, to protest and gather where they want in order to make their concerns heard. Some people will be bothered by the amount of personal expression that will take place in the early stages of living the One Law.  Once the novelty of being able to say and do anything you want (provided it harms none) wears off, society will become much more peaceful overall.  Arguments and disputes will be settled through mediation rather than violence, because the penalties for initiating violence (harm) will be severe.

Understanding Humanity as Caretakers of the Earth

Through living a life of true freedom via the One Law, people will begin to understand that humans are meant to be caretakers, stewards, protectors and defenders of Earth and all of nature. These words all imply a deep love and sense of reverence for Earth, animals and all of life, as well as a responsibility to manage natural resources in a balanced manner.  One who is a steward protects and defends nature and animals against cruelty and injustice at the hands of humans with malignant consciousness.

At the same time, the One Law does not contain provisions to force people to stop eating animal products against their free will.  New forms of tyranny will not be created under the One Law. Instead, what will naturally occur is a new model for animal husbandry that honors animals and allows them to live in balance with the ecosystem.  The wisdom of Permaculture systems will be the guiding principles in One Law farming and agriculture, ensuring that everyone has an abundance of food, and that farm animals live fulfilling lives integrated with the natural world.  (Research Sepp Holzer for real-world applications of conscious land and animal stewardship.)

This will mean an end to industrial agriculture that tortures animals, and permaculture models will become the new normal.  Yes, animals will be consumed as food, but they will be treated with dignity and respect during their entire lives, and during “harvest.” My original draft of the One Law focused on Humans not harming Humans, because when an animal is harvested for consumption, harm is done.  An animal is killed so that humans may be able to thrive.  Such is the responsibility of a steward of nature who understands the roles that all life forms have in a balanced ecosystem.

To my vegan friends, I know you would rather see the world convert to a vegan diet, but this is not practical for everyone.  There are many people who simply cannot thrive on a vegan or vegetarian diet, and we have to deal with the world as it is, not necessarily how we want it to be.  However, by adopting a state of conscious stewardship, and applying the One Law to the cultivation, husbandry and humane treatment of animals, we can eliminate the needless suffering that animals currently experience in industrial agriculture.

Radical Freedom May Be Uncomfortable at First

The notion that new forms of tyranny cannot arise under the One Law means that people will not be able to force or coerce others to conform their point of view, lifestyle choices, or even moral codes. This means that a lot of behaviors that some people find unacceptable will have to be tolerated, provided that the individual is not harming others.  Eventually the discomfort and annoyance of knowing people are doing things that one doesn’t appreciate will fade, and people will become generally more accepting of each other’s eccentricities.

Under the One Law, Humans Will Be Able To:

Marry or partner with whomever one wants, even if it is more than one person. This means gay marriages, bi-sexual marriages and “poly-amorous” relationships in any configuration that people desire to experience are allowed.

Consume any substance one desires, as long as they don’t harm someone else while intoxicated. This means people will be able to take whatever drugs they desire without fear of being jailed.  It also means that drug dealers will be able to sell drugs to willing customers.  Some form of regulating the production and sale of drugs will be needed to ensure the products aren’t tainted, but these will be commercial operations, not criminal activities.

Harm one’s self if desired. Drugs aren’t good for a person, but harming one’s own body is allowed under the One Law.  Obviously, we will build mechanisms to try and help people who want to be helped in these cases, but such help will not be forced onto a person against their free will.

Say whatever one wants to whomever they want. The one type of harm the One Law does not prohibit is verbal harm.  If a person wants to curse at and verbally abuse another person, the person being derided has to simply leave the situation.  If a person is being verbally abused on their own property, they will be able to have that person physically removed from their property if they refuse to leave.

Defend against any form of physical or financial harm, using lethal force if necessary. Defective humans who wish to harm others will ignore the One Law.  Knowing this, all humans are encouraged to exercise their inherent rights to self-defense.  Everyone is encouraged to be well trained in self-defense and be physically and mentally prepared to defend themselves in non-lethal and/or lethal ways.

Wear any clothing, or lack thereof they desire, provided that children aren’t exposed to nudity. In other words, nudists will simply have to post warning signs around their “nudity zones” so that parents don’t accidentally bring their children into a nudist camp.

Watch any form of entertainment they want to, including pornography. As much as I dislike porn and what it does to the human mind, the One Law does not allow for banning of consensually created pornography.  However, any and all forms of child pornography, or any form of forcing a person to participate in such activities will be met with strict punishment of the offenders for the crimes of Harm in the forms of rape and slavery.

Prostitute one’s own self, but NOT pimp another person. Pimping is a form of enslavement that requires physical and mental abuse to keep women submissive.  A truly free society means that men and women will be free to engage in commerce for sex if they so desire.

Keep all of one’s earnings. Taxation is coercion under threat of violence.  Just ask anyone who has had their property stolen at the point of a gun by government because they didn’t pay enough in taxes.  A One Law society forbids theft.  Period.  Funds for needed programs will be solicited and given on a voluntary basis.

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a small sampling of the possibilities that will be available to everyone under the One Law.

Deterring Crime and Removing Benefits of Doing Harm

As mentioned earlier, some crimes are committed because an individual or corporation can gain some benefit through the crime.  This is often true for financial crimes where vast sums of money are stolen or swindled via market manipulations.  Then the perpetrators pay a small “settlement” fine and can continue business as usual.  True upholding of the One Law would put an end to that, and discourage all forms of financial harm via putting the perpetrators in jail for a very long time. In this way, the simplicity of the One Law cuts through the obfuscation of the current admiralty law system, which is actually designed to allow wide-scale piracy to occur.

When it comes to rapists, new measures must be implemented in order to protect society from the sickness of rape and child-molestation.  Rapists need to be viewed as individuals with a permanent defect that can NOT be rehabilitated, at least not with current methodologies.  Pedophiles are attracted to children, and this is a serious defect, but if they can refrain from harming children, they can be part of society.  Once they cross the line to molesting or raping children, they must be swiftly and permanently removed from society.

Yes, permanently.

It is a fact that rapists and child molesters reoffend at an extremely high rate, so for the protection of society and especially our children, all rapists must be imprisoned for life.  Once rape is seen to be equal to murder, with life in prison being the penalty, there will be a “chilling effect” on would-be rapists, greatly reducing the number of those will attempt this type of harm.

The punishment for murder will also be life in prison, unless it is self-defense.  Self-defense will not be punishable in any way, even if the force may seem excessive to someone who wasn’t present when the incident occurred. For example, if a person shoots a “home invader” who dies, they need to be given counseling to deal with the trauma, not be made to feel like a criminal for defending their family.

Similarly, using all levels of necessary force to defend against rape should be viewed as not only acceptable, but encouraged. When rapists start getting pepper sprayed, tasered or shot by their intended victims, the rates of attempted rape will decline dramatically, thus reducing the number of rapists that must be imprisoned for life.

If these ideas seem too extreme to you, I would submit that they are actually very reasonable given the amount of damage that rapists and child-molesters inflict on society.  For example, take this quote from a recent itccs.org article:

In 2007, Delmar Johnny, a Cowichan friend on Vancouver Island, told me,

“Before the whites arrived, our people used to kill anyone in the village who harmed a child. Just like that. No second chance. Because we knew that if our children were damaged and broken, our people had no future…”

By that standard, life in prison is quite gentle, in my opinion.

Role of Government Is Nearly Eliminated

In a free society that follows the One Law, government will no longer have power over people’s lives, will not be able to tax people’s earnings, will not be able to war on other governments, and will become purely administrative.  In a One Law society, government is simply not necessary for more than a few basic things such as: Enforcing the One Law, managing prisons (prisons must NOT be for-profit slave-mills like they are today), and maintaining infrastructure.

Upholding the One Law will be seen as the only role where a body of people has authority over others.  However, this authority will be strictly limited to those who have harmed others, and not to anyone else. Police and military will truly become “defenders of peace” by actively arresting and maintaining imprisonment of those too dangerous to be allowed to remain in society.  They will not be wasting time issuing speeding tickets or harassing teenagers for consuming drugs or alcohol.

Libertarianism by Any Other Name

Those familiar with various branches of libertarianism will recognize most of what was written today to be very similar to some versions of libertarianism.  The main difference is the idea that the One Law be a guiding principle for society, and be very strictly enforced through a citizen-based body of law enforcers. To a libertarian “anarcho-capatilast,” even this much “government” is abhorrent, and they would prefer that all law enforcement be left up to private corporations.

My view is that corporations are one of the major problems on this planet, and that they need to be reduced in power, not given more of it.  Basing our society on the One Law, as outlined in this article, and holding corporations to the law will be a major boon to every human on the planet, freeing us from the current corporate wage-slavery that is currently perpetuated. Even so, there will still be damaged humans who will seek to harm others, so we must have a mechanism in place that holds every single person to the simple standards of the One Law and protects society from criminals, even the super-wealthy criminals who currently stand above the law in the Old World Disorder.

Emerging Technologies will Enhance Freedom & Quality of Life

Fully implementing the One Law will also result in previously suppressed technologies being developed and sold world-wide.  At the very tip of the iceberg we have super-efficient motors, engines that run on water, super-efficient solar panels, super-efficient batteries, electric cars that use those batteries, nano-technology and 3D printers that allow people to manufacturer many of their needed goods right at home. Just these few proven but underdeveloped technologies will radically shift the nature of our society once they are widely implemented and available.  This is one reason they have been suppressed by governments and malignant corporations that place more value on money than human life.

We need to put the well-being of humans above corporate profits, forge a non-violent, non-coercive society, live in balance with nature, live by one simple law and rapidly develop new technologies to truly bring ourselves into a new era of human prosperity.  We already have the technological means and resources to raise the standard of living of every human in the world to an extremely high status, and this is a worthy goal to pursue.

The One Law is one piece of the picture of how an open-source, peaceful, free society can be designed.  There are other ideas with equal merit, but all of our ideas so far are only theory.  It’s time to test our theories, and I can guarantee that if the One Law is implemented and tested, it will yield profound results within 5 years, especially if the power of human technology and ingenuity is also fully unleashed.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s.  I could go on for pages and pages about things like currencies, banking, commerce, truly free markets, technology, etc. but I am not drafting a charter for a new civilization.  My intent here is to spark a conversation and plant a seed in your mind so that you can grow it into a tree and share the fruits of your thoughts about true freedom with others.


True Civilization Only Needs One Law: Do No Harm

True Civilization Only Needs One Law

In order for all Earth Humans to be free from the violence of the old world disorder, a radical shift in values must occur.

For all Humans to be free to achieve their highest creative self-expression, whatever that may be, we must follow the One Law that a truly civilized society needs:

Do No Harm

Under the One Law, everyone is free to express their unique individuality, as long as they do not inflict harm on another Human.

Anyone who can’t abide by this one simple law must be isolated from free Human society to ensure the protection and safety of every single Human on Earth.

One Law:  Do No Harm

Do not rob, harm, enslave, rape, torture or kill another human

Do not steal another’s possessions

Do not physically harm anyone in any way

Do not enslave others in any way, shape or form

Do not rape anyone in any definition of the word

Do not torture anyone mentally, physically or in any other way

Do not kill another Human, unless in self-defense against someone attempting to harm you or a loved one under threat of violence.

To All Law Enforcers:

We ask you to stop enforcing the numerous unjust laws of the state and switch to upholding only the One Law: Do no harm, while being the front line defenders between pacifistic Humans and the psychopaths that plague our disordered governmental structures and society.

Damaged humans who commit the first and second levels of harm can often be rehabilitated.

Those committing the third through sixth levels of harm need to be imprisoned, and prisons should only contain those who have harmed others.

All prisoners who have not harmed another person must be quickly released, and that space filled with the suit-and-tie wearing criminals of the world who have worked to block human evolution so they could maintain their power and wealth.

Focus on government officials, bankers, corporate executives, lawyers and billionaires. These people must not remain above the law.

Follow the evidence while also purging the criminals within your own organizations.

Once the real criminals of the world are in prison, the One Law will be easier to uphold.

To All Military

We call upon you to disobey your orders to harm your fellow Human beings.

You are not actually fighting for freedom in the Middle East.

Drone operators: You are not fighting for freedom by killing “possible terrorists” and their families.

Your true fight for freedom is in your home country, so please come home to help local law enforcement uphold the One Law.

The Old World Disorder is Fed by Violence

The old world disorder can only exist by convincing humans to commit violence upon one another.

We don’t need to ban weapons, we need to ban violence.

The One Law does this most effectively while allowing for every Human’s right to self-defense against those who desire to harm them.

In order to forge a truly civilized society, we must leave behind the old world disorder’s system of governance.

Humans will only be free when we take responsibility for self-governance instead of abdicating our power to governmental authorities.

There is no need for lawmakers when every single Human, regardless of social or financial status is held to the standard of the One Law.

The Next Step Is Up To You

We call upon every human being on Earth to cease any activity, job, career, military endeavor, etc that causes harm to another Human, even indirectly.

We ask all Humans working for corporations that have harmed others through pollution, theft, market manipulation, technological suppression, etc to leave those jobs and reinvent themselves.

We ask everyone to avoid corporations that harm their employees, customers, or the environment, and instead use a small business or co-op to buy your goods whenever possible.

Living the One Law will eventually be easy and fulfilling, but transitioning our lives will take time and effort.

The most important factor in the One Law being accepted is for you to share this idea with others, so please spread this message far and wide.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. Is this the shortest blog post I have ever written? Probably.  :-)  I will write more about the One Law, and my other usual topics soon.


The Shift of Ages is Upon Us…Finally!

We are living in an important moment in human history, and due to the significance of this time period, nearly everyone on the planet (and off-planet) has an opinion to share regarding it.  In this article, I will be sharing my viewpoint in detail, and also putting some of the theories out there into perspective.  Above all, my primary purpose today will be to encourage you to deepen your relationship with your Divine Inner / Higher Self during these times of transition and beyond. The secondary goal is to help dispel any “spells” of fear, power usurpations, or false outcome of the 2012 solstice that you might be under.

Fear is the Mind Killer

Let’s get the fear out of the way first.  No planet-wide cataclysms will be occurring, simply because enough people on the planet have chosen a more positive timeline.  The negatively oriented (Service to Self) beings made their best attempt to sell a disaster timeline to the world, but we aren’t interested in repeating those old patterns of cataclysm, and that timeline is defunct. However, the accelerated pace of earthquakes, sinkholes and unusual weather will continue for quite a while.

Overall, the desire for true freedom within the human populace is beginning to break down the artificially imposed matrix of fear and powerlessness we have been subjected to for eons of time.  From the perspective of the STS humans and their higher density overlords, this IS a cataclysm, due to their increasing loss of power and control. While plenty of 3rd density vestiges of their control structure remain in place, and appear to be growing in some sectors, the higher densities are changing rapidly in favor of positive, Service to Others forces.  This does not mean that the STS beings on any density are powerless, so tremendous discernment will be necessary now and in the future.

Be Aware of Where and to Whom You Connect

I have said before that YOU are the power that the STS beings desire.  They will do anything they possibly can to keep some sort of power over you, in order to continue feeding off of your energy.  To this end, there are some “messengers” posting articles asking people to connect to “ET ships” cloaked in the sky.  I urge you to NOT do this, because NO ET has any right to dominion over you. There are plenty of ETs and EDs (extra-density beings) who put on a good show of being positive, but have hidden agendas to capitalize on your energies for their own gain.

Take a moment to feel out an answer to this question:  “Which would be more beneficial to merge your consciousness with, an ET/ED ship or the core of the Galaxy?”

I urge you to first embrace the power of your Divine Inner/Higher/True Self.  Breathe in and expand your Spirit from your heart center, and surround yourself in your own Inner Divine Light.  Then stand tall and connect your heart directly to the core of Mother Earth. A very useful phrase that I use when connecting to Earth’s core is, “Thank you.  I love you.  Please embrace me.”

Next, when you are ready, do the same thing to connect to the Galactic Core.  Anchoring Galactic core frequency into Earth’s core will add the greatest amount of positive energy to yourself and the planet. Once that Galactic core connection is established and you are acting as a Galactic conduit, you can include other beings into your focus IF you so desire.

The way to ensure that you filter out any STS beings is to state that you only want to include beings of the highest positive polarity, and that no beings of negative polarity are welcome in your energy field. I call the fully-positive polarized beings that I work with “The Forces of Divine Light” and I always make sure to include the caveat that ONLY the beings that are fully polarized to the positive polarity are invited.

Specificity is very important at this time.  If you just call on “the angels” or “the masters” you aren’t being specific enough.  This is because there are Service to Self beings on 4th and 5th density who consider themselves as “Dark Angels” (aka Fallen Angels), or “Dark Masters” who will be happy to connect to you in order to take some energy from you or distort your perspective. When you are highly specific in your focus and intent that you will only accept interactions from beings that are fully polarized to the positive, Service to Others polarity, this healthy boundary is difficult for negative beings to breach.

Don’t be Fooled by False Prophecies

Due to intentional manipulation of Mayan prophecies over many decades, and some well-meaning researchers basing their theories on those manipulations, a great many overly aggrandized prophecies about this time have been made.  Many channelers and their ED sources have compounded this problem, adding their own prophecies to the mixture, creating a situation that I sum up as follows:

The beginning has been confused with the end.

This frequency shift is being hailed as the end of darkness that will usher in a new “Golden Age.”  While I feel this IS accurate to an extent, the distortions lie in the idea that on 12/21/12, a flash of enlightenment will dawn for all of humanity, and we will instantly be living in a totally different world on 12/22.  This is simply not the case, and the premise itself is flawed on many levels. I won’t dwell on these flaws, but will simply point out that many people on this planet aren’t prepared to incorporate a “bolt of enlightenment” into their being.  That would be more than they can safely handle, and it would be a violation of their free will.  Even though their free will has been heavily manipulated and subjugated in the past, a person can’t just be “flipped” onto a totally new frequency that they aren’t prepared to embody.

Instead, an “offer” to rise up in frequency is going to be permanently established on this planet in these next few weeks.  This will make it much easier for people to embrace positive change, forgive the past, better themselves in many ways, and embody more of their true Inner Self instead of acting solely from their ego.  If you noticed a lot of people waking up in 2012, 2013 is going to be even better in this regard.

Global Meditations Are Beneficial

Calendar dates such as 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 are only as important as WE decide that they are.  The Galactic consciousness isn’t too concerned with how we have organized one calendar.  Nonetheless, if hundreds of thousands of people are meditating on these days, it is a huge opportunity to clean up the 4th density much more quickly, so please do participate in these meditations if you feel moved to. At the same time, please recognize that this “Shift of Ages” is happening right now, throughout the entire month of December and into January.  These are “big wheels” that are turning, and they don’t turn on a dime or a single day.

Those of you who are highly sensitive and connected to the Earth’s core and the Galactic core have probably already experienced some days of BIG transmutation occurring this month. This is going to keep happening for the next 4-6 weeks, so get plenty of rest in between days of big release.  You are doing a huge service to humanity by helping to release and transmute stagnant low-frequency thoughtforms that have been clogging up our 4th density environment for a very long time.  This is a good time to eat plenty of food to keep your body strong and grounded, making sure to have adequate high quality salt in your diet so your nervous system can operate with maximum efficiency.

Some Nitty Gritty Details

This shift of ages marks a turning point that we will be able to look back on years later and say that “Yes indeed, things shifted in 2012.”  We still have a lot of work to do on this planet in order to raise the vibration of human consciousness to what can be considered an ascended level.

Fortunately, we’re not alone in this process.  The planet itself is ready for a huge frequency jump, positively oriented beings from higher densities are presently helping in the efforts to remove ankle-biters from the lower 4th density zones around the planet, and most importantly the galaxy itself is transmitting frequencies of transformation to the planet, sun, our solar system and all of us. We only have to align ourselves with these incoming frequencies to reap their transformational benefits.

At the same time, the situation on Earth is quite complicated due to the high levels of mind-control being used on the populace by a small number of “negative elites” working in tandem with negatively oriented (Service to Self) 4th and 5th density beings.  They all know that their time here is up, but they don’t have any interest in relinquishing control of the planet. While I have read some pretty bizarre sounding scenarios of how they maintain their control, my perspective is fairly simple.  They use the human ego against itself, creating a “negative feedback loop” which produces low-frequency energy that fills the lower 4th density with “energetic smog,” feeding the ankle-biters, and also creating a frequency dampening field so that our “energetic sky” is dark and gloomy.  (See the article “Never Call Them Archons” for more details.)

This heavy blanket of low-vibration energy around the planet keeps the old limiting ego programs in place as the default paradigm, regardless of the cultural blueprint through which the egos are expressing.  Anyone who raises their frequency above this field is met with resistance by 4th density minions, so a big part of the clean-up effort is the removal of these 4th density negative (STS) beings from the planet’s energetic atmosphere. This process is well underway, and will be advanced significantly throughout this month.

As for the negative “elite” incarnated in human form, they are working hard to ascend to 4th density via the negative path.  To advance on the negative path requires them to enslave, oppress, torture, murder, rape and rob as many people as possible in 3rd density.  It is largely because these negative beings have risen to key positions of political, monarchic and corporate power in the world that our society is as heavily disordered as it is. Of course, they couldn’t have achieved such dominance without support from their 4th density overlords.

So we have somewhat of a chicken and egg scenario at this time.  Earth’s lower 4th density has to be cleaned up in order for the human and planetary ascension to continue, the 3rd density negative elite need to be isolated (incarcerated), and the dominant planetary power structures need to be purged and replaced with Service to Others oriented social structures. You can’t clean up one density without the other, because the two densities exist in tandem with each other.

This means that when 4th density around Earth is cleared up, we will still have to deal with the 3rd density beings on the negative, Service to Self path.  It is OUR job as a species to recognize that we have predators in our midst, the psychopaths who looks like us and can mimic human emotions, but aren’t capable of human empathy, and only desire to prey upon human beings.

This recognition has been slowly growing, and I anticipate we will make a quantum leap in this awareness in 2013 as pedophiles and psychopaths in positions of power are exposed and targeted by their victims.  While I fully understand why victims of pedophiles will want to exact violent revenge on their abusers, the rest of us need to avoid such scenarios.  It is very important that we maintain and cultivate a higher level consciousness that seeks simply to isolate the psychopaths from the rest of society for the benefit of positively evolving humans.

It would be detrimental to our consciousness to get whipped up into frenzies of mob-violence towards these people, no matter how reprehensible their crimes are.  We need to keep our calm and deal with them in compassionate ways for OUR own good.  My proposal is to simply lock them up in a special, maximum security prison, on a remote island. Since many of these psychopaths are extremely wealthy, their wealth should be redistributed to the rest of humanity.  This loss of power and wealth alone will be devastating for these individuals.  Then we simply let them live with their public humiliation and loss while preventing them from hurting anyone else.

Internal Guidance vs External Messengers

Now let’s get back to the GOOD stuff.  Another very important aspect of this shift is that people who have been relying on external messengers and relaying those messages to others will have to reassess their mode of operation.  True wisdom comes from within, and is only accessed by embracing and embodying one’s Spirit / Divine Self / Higher Self, or whatever label you prefer to apply to your True Self.

As more and more people learn to listen to their True Self, they will rely less and less on external messengers, teachers, gurus, etc. This is a source of fear for those messengers who have formed their identity or financial income on being followed by others.  It is a source of JOY for those who are already Inwardly-Empowered and have been endeavoring to help others to the same place of Self-Empowerment.

The main idea here is to listen to and learn from everyone possible, but always be inspired first and foremost from within.

The “Ascension Offer” is Tailored to Your Needs

In closing, I want to come back to the offer to ascend to a higher frequency vibration that is currently being anchored on this planet.  What this means is that very soon positive self-transformation will be an attractive, viable alternative that begins to look much better than maintaining the status-quo simply to collect a paycheck or be acceptable to one’s friends and family. This is why 2013 will be a pivotal year for people to make huge positive transformations, and a lot of people will be declaring that they “really woke up” in 2013.

As for you, my wonderful readers who have already made that leap long (or shortly) ago, the offer is going to be tailored to exactly what you need to move to the next higher level. You are certainly not going to be left out, and many of us will be able to look back and say that we made amazing progress in 2013.

I am very excited to see our future unfold with ever greater levels of positivity, and to watch the old system of enslavement fall apart.  Please know that you are an important part of this vast effort that is underway, and that you helped simply by being here and being YOU.  There is a lot of work ahead, but we will soon be working in much more advantageous energetic conditions, creating new models for society that are balanced, heart-based and fully-inclusive.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


First Contact Is Not Happening Soon, and That’s a Good Thing

The last couple weeks have seen a lot of stories in the “new age” circles on the internet about imminent “first contact” occurring as soon as August 4th during the 2012 Olympics. Predictably, once the original story was seeded, several “channeled messengers” started appearing to support that idea.  Alongside this are the “fear porn” aficionados who are predicting a “false flag” attack or even faked alien invasion scenario to happen around the Olympics.

One of the stories making the rounds is that the Queen is negotiating a pardon for her crimes against humanity, and that the “galactics” have given a “hard deadline” of August 4th after which, they will take matters into their own hands.  No mention, however, is made of the numerous “hard deadlines” that have come and gone in the past.

I would be amused if this wasn’t so harmful to so many people’s psyches.  For long-time readers of this blog, I have a question for you.  What happens when a large group of people get their hopes up, only to be let down because the promised event did not occur? The answer:  A major low-frequency energetic release!  When a person invests the energy of anticipation and hope, only to be let down, they end up feeling disappointed, fooled, betrayed and usually somewhat embittered afterwards.  All of these emotions are great food for the ankle-biters.

Of course, the energy of being afraid of a false-flag attack is also great ankle-biter food, especially if it is combined with hatred towards “the elites” who plan such things. Much better is to simply know that these small-minded, psychopathic “elites” will do anything to hold onto their worldly power, pity them, forgive them and work towards co-creating something positive with other like-minded people.

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby…

There is so much “spin” (distortions & disinformation) around the idea of “ET Contact” that it could consume a person’s entire life to begin to unravel it.  This is by design, of course, so rather than attempt to untie the “Gordian Knot” of spin and disinfo, I will do my best to cut through some of the major aspects of the sub-conscious conditioning that surrounds the “ET” meme.

Let’s start with hostile ET invasion scenarios.  The first reason for these scenarios is to frighten people so that they will wish to remain isolated so as to avoid the nastiness of invasion and attack.  Many people think that these fear-based scenarios are also designed to make people think that ALL ETs are hostile.  However, there is a hidden level to these scenarios, which usually goes unnoticed:  The major sense of relief that billions of people will feel when an apparently friendly ET race makes themselves known to us.

Just imagine it for a moment:  ETs show up and they look like us, are highly physically attractive, talk in friendly tones, and offer us energy technology and assistance cleaning up pollution.  Most of the people who were conditioned in FEAR will now feel RELIEF and deep acceptance of the new arrivals.   To put it another way, fear-based ET movies & TV will actually serve to make any seemingly benevolent ETs look like a gift from God in comparison to the images that have been placed into people’s minds from those forms of “entertainment.”

However, what is not mentioned in any “official disclosure” scenario is that the “secret government” will be putting their ET allies on display, the beings that have been secretly feeding them technology and manipulating them for many decades.  These are highly Service to Self oriented ET beings, and not the kind of positive ETs that humanity really wants to meet. In order to pacify us as quickly as possible, they will bring out the human looking “Nordic” type ETs that are extremely physically attractive in order to appeal to the pre-conditioned human affinity with beauty, and they will say all the right things to instill a sense of trust in people’s minds.  In short, “disclosure” from the government will probably be bringing us very attractive, controlling, manipulative ETs with an agenda to keep controlling the human race even after a global consciousness shift.

Next, the channeled messages that “our ET brother/sisters would land tomorrow if only our warlike government officials would stand down” has been seen in subtly altered forms every year for at least the last 15 years on the internet, often with a request that people “vote” for ET contact with their consciousness.  One of the key areas of manipulation in these messages is the familiar theme that ETs will bring advanced technology and help us end all of the pollution and energy problems on our planet. This fosters an incredibly strong desire in compassionate people for these ETs to hurry up and make their presence known!  This is one reason that human-designed advanced technology is so strongly suppressed (along with the monetary reasons).  If we actually cultivated the brilliant human-engineered technologies that have emerged over the last 100 years, we would have NO NEED for “ET saviors” to get us out of any mess.

We also have the spin that the ETs being channeled are our “helpful big-brothers & sisters” who want so very much to reign in our corrupt leadership and make peaceful contact.  This is the meme that has been accepted in the new age channeling circuit, and anyone who questions this meme is looked down upon as “close-minded” or “choosing to live in fear.”  I prefer to look at the biggest picture possible, and that includes being aware that parasitic ETs already have a high level of control over the planet, and have had this control for eons of time.

Most people won’t or can’t acknowledge that the “alien invasion” happened so long ago as to be almost totally forgotten, and that the invader is now residing in our own minds, wrapped around the Human Ego, pushing buttons in order to elicit a low-frequency energy “hit” at will.

Why would these parasitic beings that have hidden themselves from us for so long risk exposure?  Simply because a major consciousness shift is underway, and in order to “manage” the situation in their continuing favor, they will need humanity to surrender its collective free will to a “superior” ruling class of ETs.

So in the “big brother/sister” who reigns in a corrupt global elite scenario, the ETs won’t be seen as allies to the secret invaders who benefit from the manipulation of human consciousness, but rather as long-lost brethren, our familial saviors who unseat the human global elite and free humanity from global tyranny.   I recommend being very cautious towards any beings who claim they are “negotiating” with the current ruling class on this planet. It is much more likely that they have been in close contact with these supposed elites for a very, very long time.

Where Are The GOOD Guys & Gals?

This brings us to what role the truly benevolent, Service to Others beings will play.  In general, they prefer to take a cautious, somewhat removed role in our current situation.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t helping, but that they have to be careful to avoid aiding the Service to Self being’s plans for humanity, while subtly countering those plans. Free will is extremely important to highly evolved, positive beings.  The positive ETs are VERY aware that human free will is being constantly manipulated so that we give unconscious permission to be enslaved, and they are not willing to put themselves in a role where humans will want to abdicate their sovereignty to them.

Because of the pre-programmed human tendency to give away individual and collective power to charismatic leaders, the Positive ETs are very reluctant to swoop in and “rescue” us from our current situation.  This would only serve to further disempower humanity, because it is difficult to convince someone who wants to worship you and give you their power that they need to own it for themselves.  The last thing a highly evolved, positive being wants is to be worshiped.  At most, they would only want to be benevolent mentors that help us empower ourselves, while always respecting our free will.

So the positive ETs hatched some very clever plans.  Plans within plans, of which I am only aware of a tiny fraction.  Part of the plan was to send in brave (or foolish) beings to incarnate as humans, in order to effect change from within the human group consciousness. This part of the plan has been fairly successful, despite the dark side’s nearly constant attacks against such beings.  Another aspect of the plans are for these “sleeper agents” to help reveal the secret machinations of the ruling elite and their ET/ED overlords.  This is also proceeding nicely, although we could certainly be better informed about the parasitic extra-dimensional ankle-biters.

One of the key tenets of the Positive ET/ED plan is that humans need to embrace their own sovereign power, and not give it away to any other being. However, humanity has a long way to go in this area, which is why positive ETs will most likely NOT be the first ETs to reveal themselves.  It would be smarter for them to wait for the parasitic ETs posing as benevolent beings to make themselves known first.  This will allow for humanity to learn key lessons in discernment and owning our own power, so that the positive ETs can make themselves known to us in a capacity more akin to wise advisors, rather than saviors.

What About The Olympics?

My not-so-bold prediction is that the London Olympics will come and go without any type of ET contact. I also submit that the only “false-flag attack” at the Olympics has already happened.  It was a subtle attack on the consciousness of those who were willing to decipher all of the “illuminati” symbols, numbers, etc. in order to trick those intrepid researchers into spreading fear and dread around the games.  Please always remember that our minds and emotions are the battle ground for this war, and that the opponent wins whenever we are in fear, anger, judgment or any other low-frequency emotional state.

This is not meant to denigrate the dedicated researchers who worked hard to analyze the hidden messages embedded into the Olympic games.  It may very well be that their research and exposure of a potential attack at the games stopped it from happening. However, my instincts tell me that there was some sleight-of-hand going on with the Olympics being so deeply drenched in “illuminati” symbology and numerology.  It was so blatant that it feels like it was done to distract and consume energy, which it certainly did.   It also feels like it was done so blatantly in order to convince “conspiracy buffs” that something big and bad was going to happen, so that they will be embarrassed and discredited when nothing happens.

What IS Going to Happen with Disclosure?

When the day comes that the ETs who control the global elite decide to make their appearance, you can be assured that they will present themselves as highly spiritually evolved, loving beings. They will probably dazzle us with technology and most likely subtly suggest that we should let them lead us into a “golden age.”  If this potential occurs, that period of time will be a tremendous test for all of humanity, and the main lessons to be learned will be discernment and owning our own power.

Will we be able to see past attractive looks, high technology and sweet sounding words in order to discern the true intent behind Service to Self ETs? Afterwards, when truly positive, Service to Others ET/EDs make contact with us, will we be able to discern that they have our best interests in mind, much more so than those who made contact first in order to gain a competitive edge?

Positive Higher Dimensional Beings ARE Helping Us

Now that I have established the core aspects of my perspective on this very convoluted topic, I want to touch on a couple other points.  The first one is that the liberation effort underway to free Earth from eons of dark side control has gone through many upheavals. Plans have had to be reworked over and over again, because the dark will fight as long as they possibly can, using the hostage human race as their major leverage point.

Nonetheless, we have scored some impressive victories these last few years.  I am personally still optimistic that the ankle-biters, the negative ETs who are aligned with them, and all of their consciousness suppressing technology will be fully removed so that the true light of higher consciousness can emerge from within every soul incarnated on the planet. If we can achieve that goal before the negative-posing-as-positive ETs can reveal themselves, then the “negative first contact” scenario that I outlined above isn’t likely happen, because it would have very little chance for success.

Whenever “first” contact occurs, we should be able to discern who is making contact with some basic analysis, coupled with trusting our intuition.  If it occurs while the world is still in its current state of major turmoil and suppressed consciousness, and the ETs present themselves as the natural choice to lead us into a golden age, then we need to be very wary.

If instead, we experience a modern renaissance where people are waking up in larger and larger numbers, free energy technologies are being unleashed and human consciousness is aligning towards cooperation rather than competition, then we receive direct communication from ETs with encouragement and a bit of helpful information, and the tone of the communications remains consistent, we can be fairly certain that we are communicating with truly Positive ETs. This is one possible scenario where positive ETs would make public contact before the negative side.

As things stand at the moment, ET disclosure isn’t something that I am rooting for.  I would much rather achieve the removal of the low-frequency and fake-channeling broadcasting systems that are currently suppressing the true beauty of the human soul from achieving its full expression. I want to see that beautiful self-awareness flourishing in humanity before any kind of “official” outside contact is made, and I only want to interact with Positive, Service to Others oriented ET beings.

Truly positive ET/ED beings will want to establish a helpful, but non-intrusive relationship.  They will offer advice and information, but very little technology. They would rather see us develop on our own merits and skills, and would never want us to feel dependant on them.  Instead of handing us technology that only they can provide, they are much more likely to point to our own pre-existing inventions that were never produced, with perhaps some guidance on how to improve the existing designs.

The difference is subtle, but unmistakable.  The negative enslavers would seek to actually deepen our enslavement, fostering dependence on their technologies and “enlightened governance” while the positive liberators will always seek to inspire us to achieve our full potential, in our own way, and to be self-governing.

My request to the community at large is that we focus on solutions in awareness, consciousness and technology, in that order. Higher levels of awareness leads to expanded consciousness, which makes the technological solutions to our current problems easy to understand and implement.  We truly do NOT need ETs to intervene on the physical / geopoliticial level, and the type of “we’re here to fix your problems” intervention that many people are wishing for is not likely to come from positively oriented beings.

We need to own our own power, express it in balanced, loving ways, and create solutions right here and now.  We must stop wishing for someone else to fix our problems, because we CAN solve them on our own.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. This article could have been much longer, and I may write a follow-up later that addresses density shifts in relation to ET contact.  However, I want to get this article OUT and being read by as many people as possible.  Please forward it to your lists and to those who still believe that channeled beings are waiting for just the right moment to intervene and fix our world for us.


June Update, Radio Show, Free Energy and more

The etheric temperature on the planet is rising.  Solar flare activity ramped up hugely this week, and nearly everyone is “feeling the heat” either in the weather or in their own internal sphere of consciousness. Do your best to stay calm, cool and connected, as you may find a lot of people and situations pushing your buttons.  Above all, keep that lower ego in check and remember to view situations and the ego flare-ups of yourself or others from the perspective of your Higher Self as much as possible.

The “grid” situation on the planet was pretty quiet for a couple of weeks, and  a lot of people felt like things were “on hold” but that all went away around July 3rd, then afew days the solar flares kicked up about 10 notches.  A lot of grid work was going on in June to help clear up the “social grid” that is generated by day to day interpersonal relationships. Much clarity has been introduced, so the couple of weeks of minimal activity was to let people adjust to the new frequency levels, and to allow lightworkers to get a little rest.

Now we’re back at full speed, so expect to be confronted with whatever you need to clear, forgive, transmute and transcend.

The ankle-biters are working overtime to generate negative emotional energy so that they will have enough etheric power to rebuild their crumbling empire.  They don’t want to accept that their reign is coming to an end, but that is to be expected.  One of the interesting things about etheric and astral ankle biters is that they can actually live within a person’s sub-conscious and unconscious levels of mind. It might sound weird, but I have encountered it repeatedly in my work.

Essentially, when we have unresolved issues or limiting patterns that we repeat often, we create a little dimension within our sphere of consciousness to house this pattern and all of the energies associated with it. Our various emotional energies are stored in this dimension along with self-created thoughtforms, projected energy from other people and various other elements of the repeated pattern.  These little dimensions also have plenty of room for a few ankle-biters to reside in as well.  It is important to be aware of this so that when we are doing clearing work, we can compassionately send these ankle biters to the Galactic Core to be transmuted into productive Universal citizens, instead of living as parasites in the deep shadows of the human psyche.

The tricky thing is that right now, the sub-conscious minds of people are the best hiding places for the ankle biters. This means we need to be extra careful about what kind of emotional energy we are empowering, so that we don’t inadvertently put out a “room for rent” sign for them.  Fortunately, the basic principles of energetic clearing, living from the heart, and embodying compassion and forgiveness goes a long way towards “sealing” our consciousness and not allowing any uninvited guests to come in.

Radio Show On June 29th

I did a really nice radio show two weeks ago (although it feels like 5 days ago…) on “In the Mind of DCS.”  She is a great interviewer and the whole show was a pleasure to do.  You can download an MP3 of it from the radio show archive here: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/ascension-help-radio.php

Just scroll to the bottom of the page for the download link.  One of my clients called it “A complete summary of what’s going on right now.”  Very flattering, but it’s more of a partial summary, as no single human has the complete picture.  (It’s a very large picture, to be sure…)  I even talk briefly about Cobra, for those of you who are curious.  :-)

Free Energy Finally?

The “Keshe” foundation has announced that they are going to bring free energy into the mainstream.  Could we FINALLY be at the place where free energy will be made available to one and all on planet Earth? Are we about to take this hugely important step in our evolution as a collective?  I hope so!

I haven’t had time to really investigate and vet this man or his organization.  Nonetheless, I like his style!  He is basically “calling out” the governments of the world and putting them on notice.  He says he will reveal full details of his “free” energy inventions to representatives of every nation in September. The idea is to give the information to all nations, and then let them implement it as fast as they are able (or willing) to do.  Big oil is surely not happy with this man, so let’s all hold him in our focus and intend that he is safe and more successful than anyone can imagine.

Please click this link to read his “World peace invitation and release of technology” announcement. Send it to your friends and networks if you are inspired to, and if you have the time, please check out the videos and information on the rest of the site.

My opinion / position on free energy is that it is a mandatory component of human awakening. To have a planet of awakened humans still using petroleum fuels is like an innocent person being released from prison but required to wear a ball and chain around their ankle.  It just does not fit.

Imagine every person having inexpensive technology that provides them with all the electricity they need at zero production cost.  Imagine EVERY single person on earth being equipped to fly to any place on the planet in a matter of minutes.  Imagine the kind of spiritual awakenings that will occur WHEN such technology is finally released and widely available. This is the ultimate “disruptive technology” which is why it has been suppressed for over 100 years since the era of Nikola Tesla.

I am personally very attached to the release of free energy, because along with the afore mentioned spiritual awakenings that it will trigger, 90% of the things that I want to invent depend on a small, infinite energy source to power them. Some quick examples: A laser lawn mower, laser “chain” saw with anti-gravity stability rings to gently lower the fallen tree, a remote-controlled “hot box” that goes inside of a wood stove and produces infinite heat with zero pollution. Then there is the floating bubble home, but that’s worthy of an article of its own some day. :-)

From every grounded perspective, the future is bright and teeming with amazing possibilities. As always, it is up to us to “steer the timeline” so that we manifest the best possible future for ourselves and the whole of humanity.  Our collective “good will” is getting stronger all the time, which makes us more effective at “timeline steering” the more we practice.  So keep on imagining the most wonderful potentials unfolding in your meditations.  Every thought makes an impact.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


Solstice & Christmas Focus on an Amazing Shift

I have been writing half-articles lately, like seeds for the future, covering big topics that need a lot of room for expression in writing.  These articles aren’t done, and one of them is a bit too “heavy” for the holiday season, so I’m putting them aside for the moment to focus on something FUN that we can all do together.

Today I’d like us all to plant seeds in the collective consciousness of how an incredibly profound shift in human consciousness would look and feel. For this solstice / Christmas / Hanukah / Kwanza / Festivus / etc, I want to spark warm, loving fires in your heart by visualizing a global ascension of human consciousness.  We’re going to keep things “physical” but incredibly unlimited at the same time, and it’s going to be so much fun that I think you’ll probably want to get a bunch of other people to play along.  :-)

As we play this game and build a vision of an ideal world for every single member of the human race to grow, learn, explore, play, love, educate, share, expand and truly thrive, let’s not get distracted by “how would that happen?” thoughts. Instead, let’s imagine truly wonderful conditions manifesting within the hearts of every human that then expand outwards to create ascended individual and group consciousness on a world-wide scale, without being distracted by “how” it might happen.  Ready?  Let’s get to it!

First, I’d like you to imagine that a nearly unimaginable global consciousness shift takes place in the very near future, a shift that although it has been predicted in a myriad of ways, takes everyone by pleasant surprise.  We’re going to put our minds into the time span immediately after this shift has taken place to play this co-creative joy-game.

A profound consciousness shift has finally occurred, and it is global. This sudden shift has moved EVERY human on the planet into heart-centered awareness and freed them from the fears and illusions of their ego-mind.  Everyone can now easily transcend the ego’s limitations and use it as the “Third density navigation system” that it was intended to be, which allows them to operate without fear, greed, belief in lack, subservience to authority or desire to control others, and imparts an overwhelming desire to cooperate and uplift every single person on the planet.

The desire to unify, work together and create openly-shared solutions to our common problems is so strong, so urgent, that we are quickly abandoning everything that does not support our new, heart-centered awareness. People are quitting mundane, slave-oriented jobs in droves.  Bankers are walking away from their previously cherished positions of power over others.  Lawyers are giving up trying to dominate one another, and are soul-searching for ways to use their sharp minds and legal knowledge to free others from legislative bondage.  Politicians are suddenly having pangs of conscience, something they had previously worked hard to forget about.  Even full-on psychopaths are starting to notice something different…a little voice telling them that other people are as important as they are.  They notice that they’re not as opened up as the “normal” humans around them, but they are still feeling urges to be good, and to do right by others.   (That’s enough about the psychopaths for now…They’ll have more light shined on them in a future article…)

Many people are a bit perplexed by the shift, but everyone can agree on one thing:  IT FEELS GOOD!  In spite of all the quitting of jobs, people are still working in roles that they know are important such as keeping the power grid going, keeping food growing and being delivered, maintaining our modern infrastructure’s many facets, and so on.  At the same time, a keen awareness of what is useful to our selves, beneficial to society and what is NOT useful or beneficial, is causing a lot of disruption in companies that had operated in rapacious, psychopathic ways.  The CEOs of these companies are not surprised by this, because they are feeling the same shift, and they are working on discovering new operating procedures through collaboration and listening to their own rediscovered heart-centered wisdom.

The shift has inspired people in the tabloid media to quit their jobs in large numbers, but many others within the news media are standing up to report on the truth, something they weren’t allowed to do in the past. The “gate keepers” have decided to open the flood gates and let the truth out.  Many of the revelations are disturbing, but people are supporting each other to process the emotions coming up as we confront secrets that had been hidden from public view for so long.  The darkness being revealed isn’t so hard to process now that we’re operating from our hearts and are able to more easily forgive the transgressions of psychopaths and their minions, the duped and tormented sociopaths who were corrupted by psychopathic systems of control that would have broken anyone unfortunate enough to be subjected to them.  (That will be the last mention of them for this article… :-) )

One of the many rays of light that are emerging from the world of dark secrets coming out is that humans have already developed amazingly futuristic technologies that had previously been hidden from the world. Various types of infinite energy generators that draw power from the “zero point” field and turn it into useable electricity have been unveiled by “black ops” scientists who are no longer being intimidated to remain silent.  Technologies to diagnose and correct nearly every physical ailment known to us are emerging, freeing people from dependence on toxic pharmaceutical drugs and pain killers.  Cell-level regeneration technology is being revealed that can reverse a person’s physical age and allow the human lifespan to be increased to incredible levels.

Our heart-centered knowledge that this technology belongs to every human is spearheading efforts by the temporarily unemployed masses to ramp up world-wide production of these technologies so that the whole of humanity can benefit from them. Our concepts of employment are being redefined as people are becoming better at simply helping each other without requiring monetary reimbursement.  Money itself is being transformed to be a tool of the people, and central bankers are being made irrelevant, often by their own choice.  We are ending poverty, homelessness and transforming economics with the rapid deployment of infinite energy generators to power homes and automobiles.  We are designing and building new electric cars that run on zero point energy and never need to be refueled.

Destructive companies like Monsanto have disbanded due to a mass exodus of scientists who are turning their brilliant minds to uplifting humanity instead of serving selfish corporate interests.  Revolutionary, previously hidden advances in large-scale organic food production are being revealed, and people are organizing in every community to grow an abundance of healthy, natural foods without any of the old-paradigm pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

We have radically and forever changed how we view ourselves, our world and our fellow humans.  Our consciousness is well and truly ascended, and we are joyfully extending that ascended energy to the world and everyone within it.  We have many challenges ahead of us, but our new paradigm of cooperation and collaboration is filling us with excitement to solve every single one of the challenges that face us now and in the future.

Not a Prediction…Or is it?

This scenario isn’t a prediction, but it does exist as a potential within our collective consciousness.   It will be up to us to consciously choose to experience and embrace such a profound shift in order for it to manifest in this world.  Ultimately, it is the act of “consciously voting” for a scenario like the above that will facilitate its appearance in our lives.  I would love it if you gave yourself the gift of dreaming about and empowering a global transformation scenario like the one above. I would love it even more if you posted comments below about other ways that such a radical transformation might look.  I only covered a few points in order to keep this article short and to leave plenty of room for your collaboration.  Let’s set aside the “yeah but, how…?” parts of our minds and just dream the biggest, most “impossible dream” that we can, and truly imagine a shift so profound that the rational mind can’t even begin to “figure out” how it could happen.

Enjoy and embrace your family and friends this holiday season, and send love to every member of our extended human family on this planet.  We’re all in this together, and in unity we will all help each other to ascend our consciousness to wondrous heights.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


“Engineered Terrorism” and Control of Human Consciousness

Hi there,

My brief comments on the attacks in Norway generated a bit of misunderstanding with some readers recently.  I would like to clarify a few details about the perspective that I take on these events, and how I arrived at this viewpoint over many years.

As a child, my parents imparted to me a skeptical viewpoint towards politicians and bankers.  I chose my parents for many reasons, and although I needed to transcend the judgmental aspects of some of their viewpoints, the idea that “all politicians are working for the same bankers” is very accurate on the world stage and has been for many, many decades.

In the years since my childhood, events such as the Waco massacre, Oklahoma Federal building bombing, the first Trade Center bombing, the Columbine shootings and 9/11/2001 were all witnessed by the world.  (There are more examples than this, but these are enough for one article…)

These events are all connected in that the stories the public was told about them were almost entirely false. In every single case, what was happening behind the curtain was that “deep insiders” with tremendous political power, influence and wealth staged each of these situations in order to elicit a detrimental effect on human consciousness, with secondary gains such as increasing their geo-political power also being made.

In Waco, the unspoken message was, “Don’t be different.  Those who form self-sustainable communities that challenge federal authority will be dealt with harshly.”

Oklahoma transmitted the message, “Terrorists look like any ordinary person.  Be afraid of everyone, especially if they are outspoken against the government.”

Columbine attempted to convince people that anyone with a handgun can kill dozens of innocent people, which cultivated more fear.

The first World Trade Center bombing began the anti-Muslim conditioning in America.  9/11 cemented that propaganda campaign.

I succumbed to serious bouts of negativity after 9/11, because while I could see through the lies, it seemed that the majority of Americans were completely buying into the “official story.”  I often entertained judgmental thoughts about the “men behind the curtain” who staged the event, told the world not to believe their eyes, and got away with it.

Whenever the topic came up in conversation, I told anyone who was interested that it was all staged.  One of my favorite lines was, “The only way it could have been MORE obvious that the buildings were demolished by explosives was if they were BOTH brought down at the exact SAME time.”

Such negative emotional intensity is eventually very exhausting, so I used the self-clearing tools that I knew to reclaim my power from those events, and forgave myself for being caught up in them.  Forgiving the “men behind the curtain” took quite a bit longer, however.

It was only after extensive self-clearing work that I was able to see the mindset of the “men behind the curtain” and how completely enslaved they are to the ego-mind, as well as their overlords.  These men (and some women) have hellish internal landscapes within their consciousness so vicious that it boggles the mind. However, I could only “look behind the curtain” when I was in a non-judgmental, forgiving, and loving state.

When I began to have compassion for these people and the terrible inner-place they are dwelling, I experienced a level of consciousness expansion that I had only dreamed about. I began to understand that these people are acting out an illness that is present our collective unconscious mind.  A simple error in misperceiving ourselves as separate from our Source and also from one another has metastasized into a severe case of unconscious psychosis.  These “tyrants” are the worldly manifestation of this internal strife within our collective unconscious.

Because we are all parts of a single consciousness, the frequency within each individual’s heart-mind complex that I call the “Sphere of Consciousness” affects everyone on the planet. My thoughts affect you, your thoughts affect your neighbors, and on and on.  Science is beginning to understand this, although mystics throughout time have always known it.

These “tyrants” know it as well, because it was taught to their predecessors and kept as a closely guarded secret throughout the ages.  Their agenda was to keep the world’s population ignorant, poor, sick, powerless and chaotic so they could “harvest” the negative energy of consciousness that living in such a state produces.

In order to keep human consciousness in a low vibration, they have suppressed free-energy technology for over 100 years since Tesla, started and financed dozens of wars, systematically bankrupted nations, held billions of humans in poverty, and performed large-scale human sacrifices disguised as “terrorist attacks” among many other low-frequency activities.

They have been very successful, up until recently.  However, the revolution of consciousness is now well underway, and the “dark” side is feeling a sense of “food scarcity” as people disengage from the ego-mindset of fear, victimization, judgment, blame, projection, etc.

The latest “lone gunman terrorist” in Norway is nothing of the sort. Two or possibly three shooters were identified by eye-witnesses, for example.  The bomb blast will also be shown to be more powerful than the “official story” will report.

These details will come out in time, but the real purpose behind these attacks needs to be recognized:  It was done to bring you, me and everyone else into a low-frequency of emotion and thought.

You will not see this deeper purpose reported upon by the alternative media, even as they expose some of the hidden facets of this situation.  This is because many of the alternative or “conspiracy” media pundits thrive on the very same low-frequency energy that they are fighting against.  It is a fact of consciousness that what we hate, judge and battle against is actually strengthened by these mental-emotional energies.

This is why I am adamant that while it is important to know that the “lone” gunman was not acting alone, nor were the events perpetrated by whatever “right-wing” group the media will try to blame, we must not fall into the secondary trap of hating the “invisible men” who planned and executed these events, just because we can see through the top layers of illusions being woven into the story.

I said it in the previous post, and I will say it again because it is so important:  If they get you to feel anger, hate, discouragement, apathy, fear, or any low-frequency emotion because of the events they are perpetuating, then it is a victory for them.

A more constructive emotion would be pity.  Pity these men, and endeavor to work your way up to compassion. They are psychopathic, diseased addicts in $5,000 suits.  They hide their psychopathy behind a veneer of wealth and legitimacy, but they live in states of extreme darkness and pain that nobody should have to endure.

However, they are not the inhuman creatures that they appear to be on the surface. This is just the “scripted character” that they have chosen to play in this incarnation.  Deep within them is the same spark of divine light that dwells within all of us.  We all come from the same source, and will eventually return to that Infinite Oneness.

Rejoice in the fact that you are NOT playing that role in this life, and that your connection to your Infinite Self is strong enough to withstand the winds of manufactured chaos. Fill yourself from that infinite light and allow it to remind you that the bad dreams of the illusory world are all temporary.  Allow yourself to step back from the human drama so that you can dive into the pool of infinite light that resides within your heart.

Insist on holding this sense of peace, in spite of what the ego will try to get you upset over.  Nothing in this world is more valuable than the peace of God within you.  Once you feel connected to your inner divine peace and love, please send it to the victims of the Norway attacks and their families.  As you share this love, you will receive even more of it.

The process of building a new world is underway, and we are witnessing the “cornered beast” lashing out in panic as it attempts to maintain its control of human consciousness.  Fortunately for us, our individual and collective consciousness grows more powerful every day, and no fake terror events will stop us from casting off the invisible chains that we have allowed to hold us down.

We will build a new, peaceful global society based on a brand-new framework of unity, compassion, love, sharing, equality, genius, inspiration, abundance, free energy and much more.  It is being built right now, and we all need to participate in the ways that we are inspired to.  You have something to offer your fellow brothers and sisters, and the more we share, the more we will all have.

Much Love & Compassion,

Cameron Day

New MNN Tracks + Shift Predictions & Perceptions

Hello everyone,

I am happy to share some goodness with you today.  First of all, I have finished the two additional tracks for the Morning Noon & Night Self-Clearing system.  The morning and night tracks are now available with two options:  Soothing nature sounds plus ambient music, and the original classical backgrounds.

If you have already purchased MNN, please log into your download area and download the MNN file again.  The two new tracks will be part of the zip file.

If you don’t have your own copy of Morning, Noon & Night Self-Clearing, you can click here to make your purchase.

I thank all of you who have given me feedback on MNN, especially those of you who let me know that you found the classical music background distracting.  Of course, if you were fine with the classical tracks, now you have more options for your morning and night sessions.  Options are nice. :)

Next, I am nearly done receiving the information for the upcoming article.  I have been guided to stay away from “predictions of the shift” in that article, but we (My Higher Self and I) know that almost everyone loves some good predictions, so here are ours.

First: The Revolution of Consciousness will continue to build as meditation, emotional clearing and self-responsibility become more mainstream.  We will have a huge number of “light-seekers” on our side by the end of 2012, and we will share our “en-light-ened” perspectives with those who are turning on to the idea of aligning with their Divine Self and living life from that higher  perspective.

This will require great responsibility, impeccability and compassion from us to help these people align with their inner light.

Second: 2012/2013 is going to mark the beginning of a dramatic increase in human consciousness that will affect millions and eventually billions of people. Yes, the beginning. We are currently on the “final precursor wave” of transformation as we finish the current time cycles.

Third: The “old world” power structures will continue to crumble despite the billions of people who will cling to them with fear-based rigidity.  It is going to be very important for those of us who are embracing change and disengaging from the old structures to send love, peace and compassion to the people who are still dwelling in fear based beliefs and limitations.

At the same time, it will be as important as ever for us to stay calm as the old structures crumble away so that we can build the alternatives ourselves.

Fourth: There will be “hold-outs” who refuse to let go of old world beliefs, fears, judgments, prejudices, etc.  We will need to compassionately assist these people to adjusting to the new world that we are creating together, to the degree that they will accept that assistance.

Do not fall into the ego-trap of judging anyone because they seem “less” enlightened than another. Remind yourself that the human personality is just a disguise and see the Divine Higher Self within (and floating above) those people.

Fifth: As we all become more attuned to our ever-present multi-dimensional self, we will begin to perceive “extra-dimensional beings” that have been there all along.  Many of these beings are kind, loving and very helpful.  Some of them are not.  We will need to learn to perceive a being’s intention via our heart & belly brains before we interact with them.  (See Level 2 for more about those brains)

When a “regressive consciousness” being appears to us, we should generally do what we already do with a limiting energy:  Offer it the chance to transmute to a higher frequency state. We can simply ask our Higher Self to deliver the message, and ask the Galaxy Being to escort those beings to a dimension or level that is appropriate for them.

NEVER, EVER take on a “battle” mindset with these beings (or anyone in your physical life, if you can avoid it), but rather see it as an opportunity to help someone less fortunate than you to improve their state of being.  If you can see a “regressive consciousness” being as desperately seeking the love that it has denied itself, you will be able to help them and keep your Love frequency pure.

Sixth: As all of the great things above unfold, the “forces of darkness” will do everything they can to induce fear into the minds of everyone on the planet.  Forgive them, for they know not what they are missing when they reject the “loving offer” that is being constantly presented to them by their Higher Self.

This means that ANY message that puts you into fear should be released and forgiven. This especially applies to fear-based messages that are presented as being a spiritual teaching.

Learn to go deeper and feel your way into a message’s intent.  Do not give your power to messengers of fear, even those who think they are doing the right thing by “warning others” of danger.  When you read of the various nefarious conspiracies afoot by the fear-agents, forgive the form that you see, and do not allow your thoughts to drift to the ego mind which will tempt you to judge the “bad guys.”

Seventh: For the most part, we are all going to make it through the crazy weather, earth quakes, volcanoes and other disasters that are accompanying this consciousness shift.  There will still be pockets of destruction, just as there have been for some time now.  Still, the loss of life will not be on the scale that many fear-messengers will try to make you believe.

Relax and know that if you have already decided to be part of the shift and building of a new future, then you are probably going to make it through while still in your body.  If you lose the body that you currently reside in, you will simply return to your Higher Self for a while to rest, recuperate and observe the ongoing Earth Shift from a different perspective.

The most important “survival preparations” you can make are within your own consciousness.  See this post for other preparations that I recommend.

While there are other shifts related to “suppressed technology,” “humanity’s secret history” and “official disclosure” that will also emerge, these topics will need their own articles.

I will send you another message when the new article (with no predictions) is ready.

Much Love,
Cameron Day


Morning, Noon & Night Self-Clearing Is Here

Hi there,

I’m happy to report that everything is ready to launch the Morning Noon & Night Self-Clearing System.  (MNN)

MNN is an MP3 download of three meditations, 13-16 minutes in length, that you can use any time of day to establish a high-frequency state of being, clear out limiting energies, empower yourself and feel fantastic when you finish.

These tracks build on what you learned in Level 1 of the Self-Clearing system, and as with all AscensionHelp products, it is very affordable:  Just $33.

You will be able to download the package immediately after your purchase, so there is no waiting.  Just go here: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/morning-noon-night.php

Each MP3 track is uniquely tailored to the time of day when you will use it, with powerful clearing processes, affirmations and intention setting tools that are unique on each track.

In just 13 minutes, you can start your day with an empowering, energy clearing meditation that helps you to:

  • Connect deeply and powerfully to your Higher Self, so that you start your day filled with the blissful light of your True Self.
  • Address any issues you might have observed in your dreams, so that you can continue clearing and releasing unconsciously held, limiting beliefs.
  • Raise your frequency through powerful affirmations that will support your self-ascension process.
  • Set the intention for your state of mind throughout the rest of your day, so you can move through your world in a high frequency state.
  • This morning track is mixed with uplifting Classical music to welcome you back to the physical world in a beautiful way.

At any time during the day you can use the 14 minute afternoon track to:

  • Reconnect to your Higher Self, because keeping that wonderful connection “online” gets easier with practice.
  • Connect to the Galactic Core, so that you can boost your energy frequency even higher.
  • Refund and release all external energies from your mind, allowing you to regain your “center” and focus your mind without distractions.
  • Forgive any judgments that you may have had towards others during the day, so that you can you to move on past situations that had been draining your energy.
  • Renew and regenerate your energy levels so you can be energized, yet calm as you carry on with your day.
  • This afternoon track is mixed with a relaxing rainfall and ambient music background, to help you quickly get calm and centered.

When you’re ready to sleep, the 16 minute Night track will help you to:

  • Release the energies around any difficult people or situations you encountered in the day, so that you can go to sleep with maximum calm and peace in your heart.
  • Release attachments to the illusions of the outer world, so that you can focus on your ascension work in your dream state unencumbered by the day’s events.
  • Prepare yourself to enter the dream state, guided and protected by your higher self, so that your dreams will be highly informative and productive.
  • Set your intention to remember and record your dreams, which allows you to work on the issues that were shown to you in your dreams.  (It helps to know what you’re working on, after all!)
  • Set your intention to become lucid in your dream state, because Lucid Dreaming is fun, enlightening and extremely beneficial for becoming a fully integrated Being.
  • Then you’re off to sleep, where so much of the deep work of our Ascension Process takes place.
  • This night track is mixed with relaxing Classical lullaby-type songs to gently soothe you to sleep.


Much Love,
Cameron Day



New Galactic Wave Is Online After 9 Days

Last week I wrote about the beginning of a new Galactic Light Wave that began arriving on earth on May 20th and was in full force by the 21st.  The 22nd saw a “virtual gathering” of lightworkers to transmute and remove the first layers of opposition to this energy.  The opposition energy was like a “lid” placed onto human consciousness to prevent the low-frequency emotions that we needed to purge from actually being released.

We “blew the lid” off that opposition last week, and things smoothed out after that…a little bit.  This energy wave took a full 9 days to completely “arrive” so there was a lot of upheaval for human consciousness during this time.

Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th were particularly intense, requiring tremendous purging and release. If you found yourself “flattened out” or “blowing up” during this time, please understand that it was part of a bigger release, and it was *not* simply that you were lapsing into past-based low frequencies.  Please just acknowledge the release, even if it was a bit messy and felt like the “same old stuff” coming out.

May 29th also saw another, much larger “virtual gathering” of lightworkers all over the world pooling our energies to transmute more of the “dark” side’s “energy network” of low-frequency connection points that were suppressing collective and individual human consciousness.  Thousands of us came together spontaneously, guided and coordinated by the incredibly loving intelligence of the Galactic Core, to accomplish a very profound, planetary energy transmutation.

This was a MAJOR turning point in our mission to free this planet and all its inhabitants from the repression and enslavement that has been present here for so many thousands of years.  The process is not finished yet, but we are advancing on our goal of anchoring the Universal / Galactic / Planetary unity alignment that will allow each and every being on this planet to once again have unfettered access to their Infinite Self.

Now it’s up to all of us to ride this wave of momentum and continue to anchor these frequencies into the earth through our physical bodies.  We can easily embody this galactic wave of light by consciously connecting to the Galactic Core. Please see “The Cosmic Flush” for a reminder of how good it feels to be connected to the Galactic Core.

While you’re there, be sure to use the rest of the Self-Clearing System to help you release deeper layers of energies that are ready to be transmuted.

I thank you all for participating in this momentous frequency shift that is underway at this time. Even if you’re not consciously participating, if you are reading this, then you are probably helping out while you are asleep and out of your body.

Please remember that every bit of participation helps, so even if you take just 10 minutes to “get connected” once, twice, maybe three times per day, then you ARE helping.  I am making good progress on developing a new audio package that will help you do just that. Stay tuned for more details as the project nears completion.

Please leave a comment on the blog and let us know how your weekend of transmutation went.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

May 20th Energy Surge & Some Side Effects

Wow, the response from you all about the May 20th energy surge has been huge!  Many of you felt the “pressurization” effect and/or saw it happening to those around you.  Several of you joined in with the group effort of “blowing the lid” off of the pressure cooker, and I thank you!

Keep in mind that a lot of people are just beginning to integrate this energy, so YOU can help make this a smooth transition to the “next step up on the stairway to heaven” for those in your life.  See the email below for more.

I also have a request:  Please share your experiences that you emailed to me as a comment below. This allows others to see that they’re NOT alone in this process of energetic refinement as we individually and collectively ascend our consciousness to its highest levels.

Email from Monday, May 23rd sent to the AscensionHelp.com mailing list:

Hi everyone,

There is a HUGE influx of light energy coming in right now (since just after midnight, May 20th) that is pushing up everyone’s unresolved stuff to be examined and released.

At the same time, the “dark” forces are scrambling to “put the lid” on all energetic release since there’s nothing they can do to stop the light from coming in.

The result is that we get this situation of feeling like we’re “bursting” with all of the pressure building up around the low frequency vibrations that don’t seem to be clearing out of our consciousness correctly.

Since Sunday I have been doing a special focus to help everyone who is ready to clear things up in their sphere of consciousness and remove that “lid” keeping things stuck. I initiated a large-scale “lid removal process” yesterday with a lot of help from the Galaxy Being and over a dozen incarnated lightworkers. Incidentally, if you felt “called” to meditate suddenly on Sunday, May 22nd, you may have been participating in this global energy clearing.

This “lid removal process” is available for everyone who can accept it, and this major release is going to be accepted by a LOT of people in the coming days and weeks.

You can initiate this process right now. Just connect to your Higher Self, connect to the galactic core and say “I am requesting the lid removal process so I can fully embody the new light coming into the planet at this time.”

The just relax and imagine the Galaxy Being “blowing the lid off” of your sphere of consciousness, allowing you to let go of all those old thoughts and emotions smoothly and easily. After a few minutes, you will feel much better (if you have been feeling that pressurization effect) and your sphere of consciousness will begin to really fill up with light. It feels great and will get you “current” with the progressive planetary and cosmic energies that are in play at this time.

There will be a lot of people who can’t or won’t process these new energies, and they will probably “act out” in various ways. If you experience this, just remember what is really happening inside of them, and do what you can to help them calm down if at all possible. You can also tune into your Higher Self and ask for the “lid removal process” to be given to them IF it is appropriate for their journey.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s. Thanks to Karin S. for sending me Carl Johan Calleman’s latest article about the beginning of the “Third Day” of the 9th wave that we are currently in. The third day started on May 20th, although I wasn’t paying attention. Well, the energy bottleneck demanded attention over the weekend, for sure! You can read Carl’s article here: http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/Third_day_Ninth_Wave.htm


2012: Disaster, Immediate Golden Age, or Something More Subtle?

I often get questions about 2012, disaster preparations, and the often-predicted Golden Age.  I want to share my perspective on these topics with you, as I feel that I have looked deeply and persistently enough into and beyond the layers of illusions that are wrapped around these themes to share some insights with you.

Let’s talk about disasters first, because they happen pretty frequently on this planet, often due to imbalances in human consciousness that affect the planetary energy fields.  I do think it is wise and prudent to be prepared for localized disasters in your area, but I do not think it is a good idea to let “preparations” dominate your consciousness.  I’m speaking from experience, as I had formerly put too much of my energy into “prepping” several years ago.

As some of you may have already realized, you can’t prepare for EVERY disaster scenario that could occur. Much better is to be generally well-prepared, then relax and work on your consciousness to be free from fears.

A few key points on preparedness:

All you really need are food, water, shelter, warmth, a way to generate electricity a garden and Love.

You don’t need an underground bunker.

You don’t need an arsenal of weapons.

You *might* need a secondary location to “bug-out” to if you’re in a city.

I personally don’t see any use in preparing for “the end of the world” because every bit of data that I get about what’s really going on here on Earth shows me that the story that we are writing for ourselves is not ending any time soon.

Even if a mega-disaster scenario such as solar flares destroying 99% of life on the surface of the planet were to occur, with the only survivors being those who hid underground until the storms passed, would you really want to live in such a world afterwards?  Keep in mind that only the military, super-rich and the super-dedicated “preppers” will be left after such a fictional scenario.  Personally, I’ll pass on that offer.

My wife and I have taken what we feel are rational physical safety precautions:

We live in a rural area with good elevation.

We have a big pantry with lots of beans, lentils, rice, quinoa, canned foods and other staple items that we actually eat.

We have a back-up generator that can run our well pump.

We are establishing relationships with local farmers for eggs, raw milk, grass-fed meat, etc.

We have a little garden.

We know all our neighbors.

My #1 preparation:  Releasing fears of the future, and persistently looking BEYOND the “stories” that are told to us on a daily basis about the nature of this world.  All of these stories are false on some (or many) levels, even if they contain some truth.

2012, Consciousness Shifts and a Golden Age

The 2011-2012 transition, very simply put, is the end of one time cycle and the start of a new one.  Many people, including “insiders” believe that this is going to result in cataclysms, and this belief is being reflected back to us in the state of the world.  This is because part of the “experiment” of this world is the “mirror effect” where our consciousness is reflected back to us by the world that we see.

Only when we are fearless will we see a peaceful world reflected back to us.  This is why it is important for each of us to search out and remove all traces of fear within our minds.

The next time cycle will see marked improvements in certain areas of human consciousness, but there will still be issues to be worked out, many very old lies to see through (and forgive), and a whole lot of figuring out what we REALLY want out of life so we can create it.

While I’m not generally interested in predicting the future, I don’t sense an immediate flip of consciousness into a golden age in 2012, but rather a momentum-building upwelling of consciousness that grows for years until high-frequency consciousness becomes the consistent state of mind for a little less than half of the planetary population.

At that point, which is probably still years away, the “100th money effect” will kick in and it will only take a few years for MASSIVE societal changes for the better to occur.  Once this period of restructuring is complete, we will be well on the way to our Golden Age.

In the future, we will look back on the years 2011 and 2012 as historic “marker points” in our collective re-evolution back into high-frequency consciousness.  We will look back at these years as the point when the wave of change truly began to be felt and lived by each of us to some extent.  We will look at this time as the seeding of Galactic Consciousness which enabled us to blossom into the highest potential of ourselves.

The future is bright and is ultimately up to us to create.  This is why I recommend taking a calm, long-term approach to dealing with the upheavals of the world so that you can set aside the ego-based worry, fear and uncertainty which are being deliberately orchestrated at this time to hold people in a low-frequency state of consciousness.

As I alluded to in my previous message, our consciousness is the ultimate prize.  If we can be manipulated enough that we believe in fear-inducing stories, then we have given a part of our consciousness to the fear-mongers.  This isn’t really a big deal, though, because at any moment we can choose to reclaim that energy!  The “hard part” then becomes persistently applying the tools of energy clearing on a regular basis.

Persistence Makes Perfect

At the end of a recent energy clearing session, the client asked me how I discovered what we had been covering.  “Persistence” was my answer.  I do not cling to or defend any beliefs that I have about the world or myself, because I know they are all based on illusions of our own making.

Instead, I persistently look deeper into everything that I *think* I know.  I avoid the temptation to believe that anything I learn or discover is the ultimate truth, but rather I acknowledge that it is simply one layer of the onion.  I also remind myself that these entire physical, reincarnational, astral, multi-dimensional and universal structures that we call reality are a product of our own creative imagination.

At the same time, it is important to acknowledge where we find ourselves at the present moment in time, and act accordingly.  At the present moment, you inhabit a physical body, which means that you must take care of that physical vehicle.  Ignoring this “fact of the moment” will result in physical pain and suffering.  Conversely, ignoring the rest of your consciousness in favor of total focus on the needs and preservation of the physical body will produce states of pain and suffering in your mind.

It is the over-identification with one’s body that leaves a person vulnerable to fear-based manipulation of their consciousness whenever one is presented with a convincing story that imminent harm or death is coming.  Therefore, it is important for all of us to realize that who we are is NOT this body.  We are not simply the accrual of experiences in this one lifetime, or even ALL of the physical incarnations that we have had.

Who we truly are is SO much more than this, and we must get back in touch with it in order to be truly free, fearless and peaceful.  I call this “rest of me” the Higher Self, which is a convenient, mental-linguistic concept to attach to something that is beyond all mental conceptions.

In order to know our true self, we have to “turn off the world” for a while.  We have to close our eyes, go within and begin the journey through the layers of illusions we have identified with, releasing them and taking back the energy we have given to them one limiting concept at a time, knowing that we are going to eventually make deeper, more profound contact with our True Self.

We have to persistently tunnel down through our unconscious mind to arrive at the prize:  Our true state of consciousness.

Words can just barely describe some aspects of our true consciousness.  It is limitless, formless, infinite, all-knowing, all-loving, all-encompassing…it is everything.  This is what you truly are, which means YOU are everything, and when you are in touch with your Infinite Self, you will KNOW that to be true.

When we are in touch with this truth of who we really are, the fear-based stories of physical world have NO POWER over us whatsoever.

This is why I recommend to everyone that they take as little as 10 minutes a day to connect to their Higher Self and release any illusory fears they may be holding onto.  For better results, we would do 10 minutes of inner focus in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed.  (Even better would be to extend one of those inner-connection periods to 30-60 minutes each day.)

To help facilitate this “10 minute spiritual refreshment” for you, I am currently putting together a program that someone recently reminded me that I promised to make long ago.  The program will have three 10-15 meditations to use first thing in the morning, in the afternoon and just before bed.  Each one will have a slightly different focus, and they will all work with each other to help you to train your awareness to more naturally reside within the all-encompassing Love and safety of your Infinite Self.

My Higher Self has given this project top priority, and has shown me that the nutritional regimen project needs to be put on hold for a while.  More blog posts will come your way between now and the release of the new 10 minute spiritual refreshment program.  Until then, please connect to the Inner Light of your Infinite Self as often as you possibly can.

Much Love,
Cameron Day