Body Healing, Diet & Transformation

Hi there!

I am recovering very nicely from my clavicle and thumb surgeries on October 23rd.

I am doing rehabilitation work, and I feel that my body will be healed enough to do "real" exercise soon.

If you’re NOT squeamish, you can click here to see x-rays of the surgical hardware, as well as the scar on my clavicle. Don’t click this if you get grossed out easily:

Part of what I want to write about today is diet…

People often ask me what kind of diet I eat, and I usually tell them along with a caveat that it does not matter what *I* or anyone else eats. What matters is what works for YOUR body and YOUR digestion.

I have a theory that every diet out there will work for SOME people, but never ALL people, and I refuse to debate diet with anyone, because it’s become more fraught with peril than debating religion.

I will discuss what I do now, and what I have tried in the past, which has been a LOT of different things, including eating vegetarian for about 1.5 years in my 20s.

I wrote this next section as a comment to a discussion about diet, and the "ketogenic" diet, which is something that I tried out in the past:

"Keto seems to be good for endurance athletes, and it works well for some people, but not everyone, just like any diet.

I personally didn’t like how I felt on Keto. I dropped some bodyfat, but my energy levels and strength weren’t as good as when I have carbs in my diet, and after 9 months of keto I changed up my diet. I decided to let my intuition and body-awareness guide me instead of “doing a diet” and I eventually came to this:

LOTS of protein (much more than keto allows) mostly from grass-fed beef, grass-fed whey and grass-fed collagen, as well as pastured eggs. (Big island grass-fed beef is the best beef I have ever eaten, and it’s not even expensive here, unlike everything else)

Carbs from fruits (an organic apple and a cup of wild blueberries most days, sometimes Hawaiian mango or Papaya), a slice of gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread with breakfast, organic basmati rice, and gluten-free tortillas made from teff. I also include some simple sugars from organic cranberry and orange juices, honey and royal jelly, mostly as glycogen replenishment after a workout.

Fats come from grass-fed butter, organic yogurt (can’t get raw milk anything in Hawaii) as well as what’s in my beef, and an occasional bit of Hawaii-grown avocado.

I avoid all vegetables that make me fart. I also avoid kale because my body just says no to it. Sometimes I’ll put some cooked spinach in a beef dish just for the flavor. My body doesn’t like raw vegetables, either.

The results: More muscle, less fat, more energy, more drive. I heal fast, sleep well and I haven’t lost much muscle in spite of being unable to lift since I broke my clavicle in October."

That all sounds pretty great, right? So should YOU adopt MY diet?

Probably not, unless you are a 44 year old man with (mainly) Austrain-Hungarian genetics and a gluten intolerance who enjoys strength training, loves grass-fed beef, adores apples, and likes to have some carbs in your diet.

Then maybe.

But what about my macros? How much protein do I eat?

It doesn’t matter. What matters is what will work for YOU, and the only way to find that out is to try a lot of different things, but especially to listen to what your body wants on any given day, and for any given meal.

Check in with your gut! Ask your body what it wants to eat. The answers might surprise you sometimes.

What I’ve been doing besides focusing on rest, rehabilitation and healing…

After my accident I had to cancel all session work, and in that space I was able to clearly see that I was resisting the urge from my Core Self to take my work to a higher level. The accident was a "reset" of sorts so that I could see things more clearly.

I had been developing a new program for nearly a year and a half, and I knew that parts of it required one-on-one attention, which meant doing programs with a very small group, at a higher price point.

The time and space I had while I convalesced brought everything into very clear focus. I decided to follow my inspiration to radically up-level my work and help people to transform at the deepest levels possible.

With this crystal clear focus, I created an 8-week intensive transformational program that is focused on helping my clients to overcome anxiety, chronic worry, and depression.

I chose these three labels to focus on something more tangible than, “Transform yourself, heal your deepest wounds and create fulfilling relationships with the power of self-love.”  Yes, those are outcomes of this program, but their definition is open to interpretation.

When I look at all of my clients and what I have helped them to overcome through healing and transformation, the most common “diagnosable” patterns I see people come to me with are anxiety, chronic worry and / or depression.

These patterns affect every area of a person’s life, especially intimacy and sense of purpose, which is why so many people feel stuck in unfulfilling relationships and careers, feeling like they’re not living their purpose.

There are many different reasons why these patterns appear in a person’s life, but for EVERY client I have helped transform, the solution to those problems resides in their subconscious mind.

It’s not about ANY outside force, whatever it might be.  It’s about working with and healing the imprints, beliefs, wounds, etc that reside in the shadowed areas of the subconscious, outside of a person’s conscious awareness.

Without this critically important, deep inner work, people find themselves feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, overly-stressed, anxious and fearful of what resides in their shadow, and unable to talk about any of it, even to those closest to them.

This results in unfulfilling relationships, feeling alone and isolated, feeling like you have to handle everything in your life all by yourself, feeling like there’s no point to even trying to get better, feeling like a total imposter when people compliment you, and ultimately feeling like life just isn’t worth living.

My focus is on creating massive healing and personal transformation for my clients. Nothing less will suffice, and it doesn’t happen in 2-3 sessions.  It takes time, effort and consistency. 

That is why my transformational program is 8 weeks of deep, intensive inner-work, meeting online two times per week, with a VERY SMALL group of dedicated individuals who are committed to doing the work necessary for deep transformation. 

In order to be as hands-on with my clients as possible, this 8-week transformational program is designed for a MAXIMUM of 8 people, and I do an interview with everyone who is interested to ensure that the program is a good fit for them. 

I will open up my calendar for these 45 minute "breakthrough calls" in a couple of weeks, in preparation for the next run of the 8-Week Transformation Program in March.

Keep an eye on your email, my blog and/or my Facebook for an announcement soon.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

This is from a photo shoot in October 2019, just days before the accident


8 comments to Body Healing, Diet & Transformation

  • Lee Davis

    Hi good morning
    Have just found your email.
    I thought Cameron Day is a actress now I see a Guy
    Is there a women with this stuff called CameronDay?
    I am 84 years old and not starting anymore diets or anything
    I eat now what I want to and what my osteoporosis body needs.
    I have been vegan and vegetarian I never touch anything that had eyes.

  • Cameron you have inspired me so much. From the first time I ran across you on the two articles that you wrote “Why I no longer call myself a light worker” you were the one that really opened my eyes to the truth. I came out of organized religion after 40 years and those articles shed more light than you will ever know. I cant thank you enough. I turn 70 today and this latest article was what I needed to read. I am working on knowing myself and trusting myself in food and many other areas in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart???

  • Gilli Smith

    Hi Cameron, I first found you when becoming a Gnostic and discovering your articles called “Why I’m no longer a light worker” This changed the way I was addressing Source energy for the better and in that way things continue to improve. I am very interested in your 8 Week Transformation Programme. Unfortunately I am poor at the moment, living off reduced Government benefits. Wanted to ask how much is your 8 week course and is there any concessions for people in financial hardship ? Or perhaps a payment plan to spread the cost ? PS I live in the UK

  • Lisa-F

    Good Healing to you, Cameron !! Fantastic work you do !! Keep Going…Hi from Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Silvana Spano

    Hi Cameron,

    Thanks so much for the update. My name is Silvana. I live in Ecuador and have been following your work for a couple of years +. I’m also interested in your new 8-week program. It’s super relevant to today’s issues, for myself and everyone around me. Can’t wait to hear about dates, costs, and payment options. Hope I can participate!

    Many blessings in completing your healing and beyond!


  • Jonas Rogow

    Mr. Day,

    Just wish to express my continual ‘GRATITUDE’for ALL your healing recordings and Seminars over the last 3 years.

    For those of us not quite yet ‘abundant’ enough to afford these exclusive high priced intimate healing sessions, will there be offered recordings of said ‘sessions’ afterword in another format for us who desire to do the work but cannot afford to partake in the current program being offered?!?!?

  • aram

    Hello Cameron. First of all , i wish you a speedy recovery. I just saw the x-rays and it must be tough to go through all of this. I knew someone who was in his mid 40s and broke his leg after being hit by a car. He had to live with the fact of having screws and walking was very painful for him at the beginning. The good news is that, overtime, he eventually overcame all of this and became as “crazy” and healthy as he was before the accident.

  • Carmen Mendoza

    Hello Cameron,
    Wishing you much love and health. Thank you for the update. Once you are ready for 1-1 again. I’m game.